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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
August 30, 2021


Poking Pushaw is not Advised

JUICE—One thing liberal bloggers like Peter “Cookie Monster” Schorsch, media reporters, and politicians have learned since Christina Pushaw took the job as Gov. Ron DeSantis’s press secretary, is if you poke the bear, you are going to get bit.

Pushaw has been fighting back against misinformation about her boss Gov. DeSantis and making a concerted effort to set the record straight wherever it is needed, even at the expense of individuals like Rep. Omari Hardy (D), a Democratic Socialist representative in the Florida House.

This past weekend, Rep. Hardy did some poking and got bit. READ MORE

Biden Appears Press for Time as Dead Service Members Came Home

There isn’t much we can say about President Biden checking his watch just as the arriving dead service members were unloaded off a transport plane from Afghanistan.  READ MORE


AMIGO, AMIGO!—Former Prosecutor and current State Senator Jason Pizzo (D), who is usually right on most issues, go this wrong. READ MORE


Tell us how you Really Feel

State Senator Ileana Garcia (R), like most Cuban-Americans living in the Miami boogie down, is still calling attention to the human rights atrocities being committed by the Cuban regime.

The protests on the island have fallen off the front pages of just about every newspaper, but Sen. Garcia still calling attention to the issue.

Garcia took umbrage over Cuban Chancellor Bruno Rodriguez’s recent posting of a meme mocking Gov. DeSantis over his mask mandates.

Sen. Garcia: Cubans are dying by the thousands, the nation has no resources against Covid, not to mention the destruction of lives due to Communism. Yet their “POS” CHANCELLOR, has time to post memes. Children in Cuba are being buried in bags!


Rep. Mike Waltz-If this is true, it’s called a Taliban RANSOM. And every American left behind is a hostage.


Rep. Carlos G Smith-After the court struck down @GovRonDeSantis unconstitutional ban on mask mandates, expect to see many more school districts taking action to protect students and teachers. The state cannot threaten them anymore!

Rep. Ted Deutch-Appointing individuals long suspected of playing a role in this deadly attack - & already under sanctions and facing arrest - is truly despicable. The families of 85 victims & 100s injured at AMIA bombing have been seeking justice for decades. We must continue to demand justice.

Rep. Ted Deutch-My thoughts are with American servicemembers & civilians and our Afghan allies in Kabul after reports of two terror attacks at Hamid Karzai International Airport and another nearby location.

Matt Gaetz-Venezuela








The Neocons would invade them all.

Jimmy Patronis-Central Florida Urban Search & Rescue Task Force 4 are deploying tomorrow to storm impacted areas of Louisiana following the landfall of Hurricane #Ida. Please pray for these communities and our amazing first responders.

Lauren Book-I urge districts across the state to heed the guidance of public health experts, scientists, and the physicians on the front lines and make the right choice for Florida’s children.

Christina Pushaw
Christina Pushaw

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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