Scott Warns That Biden is 'Unfit' to Lead After Afghanistan

Biden may not survive the Afghan disaster

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
August 23, 2021

Florida Senator Rick Scott (R) has been on the offensive regarding President Joe Biden (D) since the fall of Kabul to the Taliban. One of many GOP lawmakers that have criticized the Biden Administration, the former Governor of Florida is now calling for the same sentiment that was once launched at President Donald Trump (R). Calling President Biden “unfit” to lead in light of the political turmoil in Afghanistan, Senator Scott is now calling for the 25th amendment to “be considered” in moving forward.

Scott’s colleague, Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R), has also been on the offensive regarding the matter, sharing that the Biden Administration was information by the Senate Intel Committee to not pull troops from Afghanistan because it could lead to dire circumstances. However, the Biden Administration is accused of not taking the warning.

In response, Senator Scott wrote an Op-Ed for Fox News, discussing the reasons why he believes that President Biden is “unfit” for office and that lawmakers should consider enacting the 25th amendment.

In short, the 25th amendment is in place in case the President becomes unable to serve office, which would make way for the Vice President to take over.

On Twitter, Senator Scott further expressed his criticism of President Biden, arguing that “the crisis & chaos Biden has created in Afghanistan has needlessly endangered thousands of American lives.”

He added that President Biden “is clearly unfit to lead.”

In the Op-Ed, Scott warned that "Biden’s failed leadership on the world stage has damaged America’s reputation and emboldened our enemies to seize this opportunity of American humiliation and weakness."

Shortly after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, the Communist Chinese Party scheduled a meeting with Taliban leaders. Hua Chunying, the Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman that moderated the official messaging, argued that “some people stress their distrust for the Afghan Taliban,” adding that "we need to see the past and present” and “we need to listen to words and watch actions.”

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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