Senator Scott Questions Biden's Mental Capacity

Senator Scott Questions Biden's Mental Capacity

Is Biden fit to lead?

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
August 17, 2021

Florida Senator Rick Scott has now questioned whether President Joe Biden is fit for office, joining other Florida Republicans like Reps. Greg Steube and Kat Cammack, who recently requested that the president take a cognitive test to see if he is fit to lead or discharge his duties as president.

“After the disastrous events in Afghanistan, we must confront a serious question: Is Joe Biden capable of discharging the duties of his office or has the time come to exercise the provisions of the 25th Amendment,” asked Sen. Scott.

Scott’s remarks come as Biden continues to make mistakes or slips, not to mention forgets the most basic things, that continue to bring his age and mental capacity into question.

Scott's fellow Floridian,  Senator Marco Rubio, recently said in a press conference that he didn’t think the 25th Amendment to the Constitution would be invoked on Biden.

“I don’t see that happening, but my focus has been on the policy,” said Sen. Rubio.

While Sen. Rubio won’t question Biden’s forgetfulness, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has.

Gov. DeSantis has been in a political squabble with Biden over DeSantis’s anti-mask mandate position, which has prompted the two men to exchange words regarding the issue.

When Biden recently questioned, “Governor who?” In response, DeSantis dubbed the President “Forgetful Biden,” questioning “what else has he forgotten?”

“It’s clear there’s a lot that Joe Biden has forgotten about” assured the Governor in a press release distributed this week by the Friends of Ron DeSantis.

Former Combat Veteran and Rep. Brian Mast told The Floridian that "No" Biden was not fit to lead, and that "Afghanistan shows he should not be associated at all with the words commander or chief."

During the second debate of the  2019 Democratic presidential primary, former HUD Secretary Joaquin Castro to a swipe at Biden, questioning his memory.

“Are you already forgetting what you said two minutes ago,” said Castro.

Former President Donald Trump has also recently called on Biden to "resign in grace."

Here is a compilation of Biden’s most forgetful moments:

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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