CPAC's Mercedes Schlapp says Democrats Sending 'Mixed Messages' on Israel is a 'Big Mistake'

CPAC's Mercedes Schlapp says Democrats Sending 'Mixed Messages' on Israel is a 'Big Mistake'

Jackson Bakich
Jackson Bakich
April 25, 2024

Mercedes Schlapp – host of “CPAC Now: America Uncanceled” and Former Assistant to the President and Senior Advisor for Strategic Communications for former President Donald Trump (R) – spoke to The Floridian at CPAC’s Budapest conference to discuss the organization’s response to anti-Israel sentiments around the world, including protests that have occurred at college campuses throughout the United States.

Schlapp said that stopping anti-Semitism and defending the Jewish people worldwide is a high priority for the organization.

“It’s a priority of CPAC to stop anti-Semitism, not only in America but across the globe. And during the CPAC conference in D.C., one of our primary focuses was how we support Israel in the horrors that they have faced. We passed a resolution supporting Israel as well during the CPAC International Summit,” said Schlapp. “And here in Hungary, they see it. They understand what’s going on. Obviously, they see the threats that have happened in Israel and Israel’s ability to defend itself.

“Really, if we don’t support Israel, then who’s going to be on Israel’s side? We’ve seen many Europeans basically move away, [and] push for a Palestinian state. And so I do hope that there is a wake-up coming in the United States watching how pro-Hamas sympathizers are basically putting Jewish students and Jewish faculty at risk where they themselves feel like a target, they themselves don’t feel safe. And so we will continue to push hard to make sure that we send that message of no federal funding should be sent to the schools that are basically allowing for this violence to occur and putting these students at risk,” said Schlapp.

Furthermore, the political strategist spoke on the left wing of the Democratic Party, specifically “The Squad,” and college administrations addressing the Israel-Palestine issue.

“The Squad, I would say even the universities’ administrations, you see the Squad, you see Nancy Pelosi now saying that there should be elections in Israel and the issue with Netanyahu, really not supporting Netanyahu the way he should be supported. And you’ve seen the Biden administration … they’ve given support on the aid part, but they’re sending that mixed message about how Israel needs to move for a ceasefire.”

Schlapp concluded, “Remember, this war started because of Hamas. It started because of the horrific, barbaric attack, and Israel has every right to defend [itself]. So I think the Democrats, they play this game where some of them try to be strong on Israel, but they’re also trying to placate and support these pro-Hamas sympathizers which I think is a big mistake for that party.”

The CPAC convention in Hungary concludes on April 25.

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Jackson Bakich

Jackson Bakich

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