DeSantis Called Power-Hungry 'White Dude' who Doesn't Give a 'Crap' About Florida

DeSantis Called Power-Hungry 'White Dude' who Doesn't Give a 'Crap' About Florida

Florida's 2022 gubernatorial contest continues to get ugly

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
August 24, 2021

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried is making all the rounds in her effort to maximize exposure in her efforts to unseat "white dude" Gov. Ron DeSantis. Commissioner Fried must get past Rep. Charlie Crist in the 2020 Democratic gubernatorial primary contest. Appearing with Progressive Activist and Actress Alyssa Milano on her “Sorry, not so Sorry” podcast, Commissioner Fried opened up by taking a shot at Gov. DeSantis, stating, ”The people of our state deserve someone who gives a crap.”

Milano referred to Gov. DeSantis as some “White dude who needs power” as she espoused her usual anti-Conservative, anti-Republican rhetoric.

The connection between Milano and Fried was scant, so it was difficult to understand much of what Fried was saying. At one point, Fried, who believes that DeSantis is “a dictator that is in charge of our state,” apologized for her connection, but the connection continued to have issues.

“We now have a dictator that is in charge of our state.”- AG Commissioner Nikki Fried

One point that Fried focused on was DeSantis’s COVID-19 response, asserting that the governor “hasn’t’ tweeted about COVID in 18 weeks.”

“He doesn’t talk about hospitalizations, he doesn’t talk about deaths, he doesn’t talk about the vaccine,” said Fried. He’s now all about Regeneron, which is great if you get sick and you make sure you don’t die (sic).

Just two days ago, DeSantis tweeted this:

Fried’s assessment of DeSantis not talking about COVID on social media gets contradicted by DeSantis’s very own Twitter account.

In the past several press conferences DeSantis held prior to the recent promotion of Regeneron’s COVID antibody treatment drug, DeSantis did speak of vaccinations and Hospitalization.

In one of his recent press conferences in Surfside, DeSantis spoke to the pediatric infection rate and hospitalizations across the state.

“I can tell you if you look throughout the entire pandemic between 1.1 and 1.4% of COVID positive patients in Florida hospitals have been Pediatrics and right now it’s 1.3%, so you’ve not seen a change in the proportion of the young people who end up being admitted,” DeSantis said.

While he has not been as vocal about the infection and hospitalization rate in Florida, DeSantis includes links to the Florida Department of Health website, where vaccinations are being promoted and vital information about the vaccine and where to get it, are all listed at the top of the page that opens.

Fried and Florida Democrats would rather DeSantis vocalize the rate of infection as Fried does on a daily basis in her attempt to come across as the authority on COVID in the state.

Fried has also been promoting the county school boards that have defied DeSantis' no mask mandate executive order.

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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