Book: DeSantis 'Overstepped his Constitutional Authority'

Book: DeSantis 'Overstepped his Constitutional Authority'

Court rules against DeSantis

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
August 28, 2021

A Florida Judge has ruled that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ (R) order banning local school boards from implementing mask mandates is unconstitutional. In turn, local school boards will be able to set their policies as long as the policies are “narrowly tailored” according to the Judge. In response to the Judge’s order, Florida state Senator Lauren Book (D) is praising the the Judge’s order, sharing that “the Governor overstepped his constitutional authority.”

After a four day trial, Leon County Circuit Judge John C. Cooper announced that the Governor’s “actions… do not pass constitutional muster.” “They seek to deprive the school boards in advance,” Cooper added.

In response to the Judge’s ruling, Jared Ochs, the director of Communications for Florida’s Department of Education, expressed that the administration was “immensely disappointed.”

“This decision conflicts with basic and established rights of parents to make private health care and education decisions for children,” argued Ochs, adding that “we will continue to fight to make sure every child has access to education.”

Ochs also commented that the administration is “committed to the fundamental rights of parents and will push forward on appeal to ensure that this foundation of democracy is upheld.”

However, Florida Democrats have praised Cooper’s ruling, and one lawmaker sharing praise on social media is state Senator Book.

On Twitter, Book slammed Governor DeSantis, arguing that he “overstepped his constitutional authority by ordering a blanket statewide mask ban.” Calling it a “politically driven power grab” that “put the health & safety of millions of FL children, families, & communities at risk,” Book also directed “applause” to “the brave parents who brought forth this legal challenge, and the courageous leaders from 10 school districts who stood up to the Governor’s unlawful orders and threats of retaliation in an effort to keep children safe.”

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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