Simpson Backs 'Yes on 2' Campaign With Donation

Simpson Backs 'Yes on 2' Campaign With Donation

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
May 6, 2024

Amendment 3 and Amendment 4 have received widespread media coverage, but the bipartisan Amendment 2 is now receiving major backing. Florida Agriculture Commissioner Wilton Simpson (R) has donated $100,000 to back the "Yes on 2" campaign. The amendment seeks to preserve fishing and hunting in the Florida Constitution.

Last month, the Floridian reported on the launch of the "Yes on 2" campaign.

Amendment 2, according to a press release from the campaign, would "preserve forever fishing and hunting, including by the use of traditional methods, as a public right and preferred means of responsibly managing and controlling fish and wildlife."

Today, the campaign announced that it had received financial backing from Commissioner Simpson, who has donated $100,000.

In a statement, Commissioner Simpson expressed that "fishing and hunting are inextricably linked to our economy, our lifestyle, and the conservation of our land here in Florida." "I'm proud to support this vitally important campaign to protect our rights to fish and hunt in Florida, and urge fellow leaders to join me in ensuring Yes on 2 has the resources needed to cross the 60% necessary to pass in November," he added.

Yes on 2 Campaign Chairman Joshua Kellam, who's a former Commissioner of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and President/CEO of the Garcia Companies, praised the financial contribution.

"As we gear up for the fight ahead, the team and I are incredibly grateful for Commissioner Simpson's leadership and generosity," he said.

“Commissioner Simpson's commitment to conservation and protecting the rights of hard-working Floridians is unparalleled, and we are hopeful others will follow his lead in supporting our efforts.”

Last year, the Florida Legislature passed the bipartisan amendment with a vote of 154-1. On November 5th, voters will decide on the future of fishing and hunting in Florida.

Luke Hilgermann, the Executive Director for the International Order of T. Roosevelt as well as the Yes on 2 National Chairman, praised anglers and hunters at the launch of the campaign.

“Anglers and hunters are the greatest conservationists in the world. They fund billions of dollars in conservation programs to protect our traditions for the next generation.”

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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