Trump Claims Biden Running 'Gestapo Administration'

Trump Claims Biden Running 'Gestapo Administration'

“A majority of Americans feel like the trial that he’s in right now is politically motivated.

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
May 6, 2024

President Donald Trump (R) attracted more controversy this past weekend after accusing President Joe Biden (D) of running a "Gestapo Administration."  The comments come after the presumptive Republican presidential candidate signaled that he would not commit to accepting the 2024 general election results.

During a donor event this past weekend at Mar-a-Lago, President Trump said that the Biden Administration is "running a Gestapo Administration, and it's the only thing they have. And it's the only way they're going to win."

Governor Doug Burgum (R) discussed the comments with CNN's "State of the Union," confirming that President Trump made the accusation but also assessing that President Trump's legal actions are an example of election interference.

“A majority of Americans feel like the trial that he’s in right now is politically motivated," Governor Burgum said.

President Trump was recently interviewed about the upcoming election, and when questioned if he would accept the potential results, he suggested that he would not commit to accepting the results. Polls currently show that the Republican challenger is exceeding the incumbent in support.

Republicans like South Carolina Senator Tim Scott (R), who like Governor Burgum has been speculated to be in the running for President Trump's Vice Presidential pick, have suggested the same sentiment when it comes to accepting the 2024 election results.

During an interview on NBC's "Meet the Press," Senator Scott commented that "this is an issue that is not an issue, so I'm not going to make it an issue" when questioned by Kristen Welker.

When pressed on whether he would commit to accepting the election results, Senator Scott responded with "At the end of the day, the 47th president of the United States will be President Donald Trump. I'm excited to get back to low inflation, low unemployment."

Several Democrats have questioned the results of their own elections. Most notably, Secretary Hillary Clinton (D) in 2016, and Stacy Abrams (D), who did not concede her 2018 Georgia gubernatorial loss.

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Daniel Molina

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