Greene and Scott Suffer 'Swatting' Calls During Christmas

Greene and Scott Suffer 'Swatting' Calls During Christmas

Mateo Guillamont
Mateo Guillamont
December 28, 2023

US Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Senator Rick Scott (R-Fl) have both suffered ‘swatting’ attempts at their homes. 

Swatting’ is the term given to calls made by third parties to emergency services falsely alleging a need for officers to be dispatched to the home of the targeted individual. 

Swatting can result in tense and confusing situations, potentially leading to collateral damage, for both emergency personnel and targeted individuals. 

Senator Scott reported the incident early this morning via X.  The Floridian was one of the first media outlets to report on the assault on Scott.

“Last night, while at dinner with my wife, cowards “swatted” my home in Naples,” stated Scott. 


Scott thanked local police authorities for adequately responding to what he defined as a “sick attempt to terrorize (his) family.”

Representative Greene was reportedly targeted by a swatting call earlier this week on Tuesday, December 26th. 

Yesterday, after more swatting attempts were made against Greene’s family, Greene claimed she would be filing legislation to expand law enforcement’s tools for combatting swatting calls.

“The dangerous swatting harassment continues, as tonight, one of my family members was swatted at their house,” said Greene. 

Greene promised to soon introduce “legislation to make it much easier for law enforcement to arrest and prosecutors to prosecute these criminals.”

Greene and Scott are the latest in a chain of US politicians that have been threatened over the Christmas holidays. 

Threats against justices on Colorado’s Supreme Court after former President Donald Trump was barred from the GOP Primary are reportedly also being investigated. 

Trump was barred from the Colorado GOP primary after the Colorado Supreme Court found that the capitol riots on January 6th “easily satisfy (the) definition of “insurrection.” 

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Mateo Guillamont

Mateo Guillamont

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