Pence Supports Sending More Weapons and Money to Ukraine, 'Not My Concern'

Pence Supports Sending More Weapons and Money to Ukraine, 'Not My Concern'

Chris Nelson
Chris Nelson
July 14, 2023

At a Republican presidential forum in Iowa today, former Vice President Mike Pence doubled down on his support for more sending arms to Ukraine.

"Every city in America has become worse over the past few years," said host Tucker Carlson at the Family Leader conference in Iowa. "Your concern is that Ukraine don't have enough tanks. Where's the concern for America in that?" asked host Tucker Carlson.

Pence answered "That's not my concern."

It is unclear whether Vice President Pence meant that Ukraine not having enough tanks was not his concern or that America is not his concern. Either way, it will be difficult for Pence to continue after being booed for his support for sending arms to Ukraine.

"I believe that it is in the interest of the United States of America to continue to give the Ukrainian military the resources that they need to repel the Russian invasion and restore their sovereignty," said Pence.

Pence is one of many Presidential candidates being interviewed at the Family Leader summit which is a large gathering of Iowa evangelicals. Former President Donald Trump, Chris Christie, and the Democratic candidates refused the invitation.

Pence was booed when he made his remarks to host Tucker Carlson at the event sponsored by Blaze TV.

Pence downplayed Carlson's concerns that Christians are being targeted for persecution by Ukrainian officials and says Christian leaders are helping the Russians. "I was told there were religious leaders who have been working with the Russian military which is murdering people by the thousands," said Pence.

"I would think that you would have greater concern for religious liberty in Ukraine," replied Carlson. "You spoke to one person who is clearly on one side of it and there are many news reports that are not disputed by anybody that many clergy have been arrested in Ukraine. You can't arrest clergy for having different views."

Pence replied that he "won't stand for" anyone being persecuted for religious beliefs. Then he said his position on Ukraine is born out of his ten years on the Foreign Affairs Committee. Pence was a Congressman from 2001-2013.

"Let me tell you. If Vladimir Putin overruns Ukraine, I have no doubt that in a short amount of time that Russian military is going to cross the border of a NATO country, that our armed forces will have to go in to defend."

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the United States has sent over $75 Billion in assistance to the Ukrainian government according to the Council on Foreign Relations. Just this week, the United States provided cluster bombs to Ukraine whose use is prohibited by the Convention on Cluster Munitions.



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Chris Nelson

Chris Nelson

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