Francis Suarez Teases 'Miami Coin' Currency

Francis Suarez Teases 'Miami Coin' Currency

Miami pioneers crypto currency for America and the world

Jim McCool
Jim McCool
October 4, 2021

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez (R-FL) is a self-described cryptocurrency advocate and has introduced the practice publicly in the city of Miami. The South Florida Mayor is now teasing what he calls "Miami Coin."

The Floridian sat down with Mayor Suarez a couple of weeks back, where he described the future pathway in Miami as, "technology-based."

Suarez also adds that he noticed a "superhighway of people that were significantly into crypto," complimenting Suarez's experience in the new industry.

Suarez has been on the Florida Blockchain Foundation and Task Force.  Suarez claims that he had a natural fascination with cryptocurrency and hopes to differentiate Miami as a city in technology.:

"We were the first city in America, the second city in the world to publish Satoshi's White Paper on Bitcoin.  We were the first city to begin the process of allowing our employees to get paid in Bitcoin and allowing our residents to pay fees and taxes in Bitcoin," said Suarez.

Now, Suarez hopes to take this to "the next level," hinting at a mysterious "Miami Coin."  The Mayor elaborated that this idea emerged from the city's integration of cryptocurrency and will be "in collaboration with the city coins, which is the establishing entity."

Under Suarez's administration, Miami has brought a lot of business to the area.  Just in the last 9 months, there has been an increase of 8,000 jobs with an average annual salary of $120,000.

For this Mayor and his city, they are now seeing a golden opportunity to diversify their market, and continue being the pioneer city of crypto currency.

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Jim McCool

Jim McCool

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