Suarez: Biden Showed Poor Leadership on Cuba and Afghanistan

Suarez: Biden Showed Poor Leadership on Cuba and Afghanistan

Suarez eyes 2024 after Cuban and Afghanistan Debacles

Jim McCool
Jim McCool
September 23, 2021

With US foreign policy drastically changing amid the ongoing crises overseas in Cuba and Afghanistan, many Republicans are worried the Biden Administration is not doing enough on the global stage to addresses those crises.  One of the most vocal and concerned politicians is Mayor Francis Suarez (R-FL) of Miami, who recently stated that "the United States is retreating and China and Russia are advancing" around the world

In an interview with The Floridian, the rising political star alluded to many points in history where Presidents made a statement in the foreign policy arena.

"President Reagan's was "tear down this wall." President Kennedy's was the Cuban Missile Crisis. But President Biden (D) could have had a moment with Afghanistan and Cuba to step up as a president and lead," said Mayor Suarez.

In terms of Cuba, Suarez feels that the administration "did not articulate exactly what they were willing to do and not do,"  adding that he "took on a lot of heat for putting on the table the possibility of military intervention."

For Suarez, dealing with "rogue" governments and not having the military option on the table "doesn't make any sense" and still stands by that stance.

Although he is a city-wide official, Suarez has been the subject of potential 2024 Presidential talks since the beginning of last Summer.

Mayor Suarez has not said that he would consider a potential presidential run in 2024, but others have, and some even say that Suarez will not rule out a potential run for president in 2024 if the opportunity presents itself.  Of course, like any other Republican, we still have to await former President Donald Trump's (R) decision on if he will pursue re-election again in 3 years.

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Jim McCool

Jim McCool

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