DeSantis to push legislation preventing ‘mass mailing’ of ballots in Florida

DeSantis to push legislation preventing ‘mass mailing’ of ballots in Florida

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
February 19, 2021

During an official press conference that felt more like a campaign rally in Palm Beach County, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced that he would be lower the flags at half mast after the passing of Conservative Radio show legend Rush Limbaugh, and would be tackling potential voter fraud by pushing for legislation to prevent “mass mailing” of ballots.

“We will be lowering the flags to half staff,” said Gov. DeSantis

James Golden, Aka Bo Snerdley, who was Limbaugh’s long-time friend and associate on the show, summed up who “El Rushbo” was.

“Rush is a second generation Founding Father,” said Golden.

“So I think it’s important to point that out I think Floridians of all stripes can rest assured that in this state your vote counts your vote matters your vote will be counted.” said Gov. DeSantis.”It’s going to be transparent, it’s going to be aboveboard, it’s going to be a confidence inspiring process and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Don’t let anyone point to any other state and try to act like that is how Florida conducts elections because that is not true.”

Republican measure protects against potential mail-in voter fraud, Progressive call it ‘voter suppression’

DeSantis also said that he was going to ask the Florida legislature to put forth legislation to address potential voter fraud, to include mail-in ballot fraud, and possible ballot harvesting.

“We need to make it in law that we’re not going to do mass mailing of unsolicited ballots, it doesn’t work,” said Gov. DeSantis.

The Republican-led Florida Legislature has already introduced an anti-voter fraud bill earlier this year. Sen. Dennis Baxley (R) introduced a measure that would mandate that those individuals who request a mail-in ballot during one election cycle, must request a ballot for every election year after.

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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