Haridopolos Attacked by Local Businessman With Amebic Congressional Campaign

Haridopolos Attacked by Local Businessman With Amebic Congressional Campaign

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
June 27, 2024

Primary races in Florida are usually very colorful and contentious, considering that in some cases, the winner of the political race winds cruising to victory in the general election. This appears to be the case in the contested Republican primary contest between former State Senate President Mike Haridopolos and businessman John Hearton in Florida’s 8th congressional district.

Hearton has opened up a line of attack against Haridopolos as the former lawmaker has garnered huge congressional endorsements and of former President Donald Trump.

Why not? Hearton has nothing to lose, right?

In looking into Hearton, some interesting tidbits of information have come to the surface.

First, Hearton was arrested and convicted of possession of an altered/forged operator’s license in Virginia. Next, court records show, that despite his comments about being a successful businessman, he bankrupted a $9,200,000 company and was sued by investors.

His claim of being the "people's candidate" runs into issues as well.  He has raised a total of $17,515 of which, $13,200 was from South Carolina or Washington D.C.

After being in the race for over a year, he’s only received one contribution from non-family members in the congressional district.  A second contribution was refunded.

Unlike Haridopolos, Hearton has not received endorsements from local, state, and federal, elected officials.

We also found that Hearton in 2022 did not help Gov. Ron DeSantis, Sen. Marco Rubio, and others who faced millions of dollars of attacks from left-wing groups, yet Hearton stayed on the sidelines.

His only contribution to a Republican that year was Congressman Mike Waltz, who endorsed Haridopolos.

Hearton, who was dubbed as the “Beltway Bandit by Bizjournals, says Haridopolos is part of the swamp, yet Hearton's main business background was selling equipment to the government as a Virginia resident as late as 2022.

When asked about the attacks from Hearton, Haridopolos said, "desperate people, do desperate things."

Hearton is running a very spirited one-sided campaign against Haridopolos, but money talks in politics, and bullshit walks.

According to the latest FEC, Haridopolos has not filed any financial reports, but Hearton’s $17,500 raised is not going to cut it.

Florida’s primary election will be held on August 20.

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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