Mast Introduces Bill to Name VA Medical Center After Vietnam Veteran

Mast Introduces Bill to Name VA Medical Center After Vietnam Veteran

Jackson Bakich
Jackson Bakich
February 14, 2024

Representative Brian Mast (R-FL) has introduced a bill to name the West Palm Beach VA (Veterans Affairs) medical center as the “Thomas H. Corey Health Care System of West Palm Beach.”

According to Rep. Mast’s press release, Thomas H. Corey was a decorated Vietnam War Veteran and a veteran’s rights advocate for many years.

The measure from Mast carries the support of every Member of Congress from the Sunshine State.

“Thomas Corey’s life shows no injury was big enough to eclipse his mission to serve others,” Rep. Mast said. “Renaming the VA medical center after Thomas is a recognition he deserves for his tireless work to locate the remains of his brothers-in-arm left behind in the jungles of Vietnam and his passionate advocacy for veterans in our community."

Moreover, Representative Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick (D-FL) said that naming the West Palm Beach VA medical center after Corey is a “small token of appreciation” compared to the magnitude of his contributions to the nation.

“We owe Thomas Corey and his loved ones a debt of gratitude. His service continued long after his deployment in the Vietnam War, following him to West Palm Beach, where he became a community leader and was an unwavering advocate for local veterans,” Rep. Cherfilus-McCormick said. “Naming the West Palm Beach VA medical center in his honor is a small token of appreciation for the countless sacrifices he made."

Furthermore, the National President of the Vietnam Veterans of America Jack McManus provided some nice words on behalf of Thomas H. Corey as well.

“Tom has been an example to multitudes of veterans, and all who have contact with him,”  McManus said. “He showed us that no matter the hardship, if you have the willpower, you can make changes for the better in people’s lives. He did this every day, year after year, with commitment and compassion.”

Recently, Mast appeared on Fox News’ “Mornings with Maria” to discuss the border crisis as well as President Joe Biden (D) and his administration’s handling of the issue.

The Florida congressman stated that if President Biden were to put his job performance under the scrutiny of military standards, then he would be out of compliance with his duties.

“Clearly the President can secure the border if he wants. If we put this in military parlance, it would be in violation of his first general order for all military: I will guard everything within the limits of my post and quit my post only when properly relieved or dereliction of duty,” said Rep. Mast.

The Florida Congressman represents Sunshine State’s 21st District.

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Jackson Bakich

Jackson Bakich

Born in Orlando but raised in Lake County, Florida, Jackson Bakich is currently a senior at Florida State University. Growing up in the sunshine state, Bakich co-hosted the political talk radio show "Lake County Roundtable" (WLBE) and was a frequent guest for "Lake County Sports Show" (WQBQ). Currently, he is the Sports Editor of the FSView and the co-host of "Tomahawk Talk" (WVFS), a sports talk radio program covering Florida State athletics in Tallahassee.

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