Juice🍊—2.1.2024—DeSantis Knocks Out Disney in Court—Impeaching Mayorkas, Biden—MIlls, Donalds, Moskowitz,—More...

Juice🍊—2.1.2024—DeSantis Knocks Out Disney in Court—Impeaching Mayorkas, Biden—MIlls, Donalds, Moskowitz,—More...

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
February 1, 2024

DeSantis Knocks out Mickey Mouse

U.S. District Court Judge Allen Winsor has dismissed Disney’s lawsuit against Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) after he stripped them of their special improvement district status...READ MORE

Florida International University

Weinberger Runs for Office on a Pro-Agriculture, Pro-Animal, and Parental Rights Platform

When individuals decide to run for elected office, most are eager to promote their past accomplishments like Military service, strong business acumen, education, and philanthropic work. This is the case with Meg Weinberger...READ MORE


Matt Gaetz-This bill will be inflationary.

2/3 of the House (at least) is about to vote for it.

Lobbyists will be thrilled, donations will flow.

Your prices will go up.

Our fight continues…

Rep. Anna V. Eskamani -Trump Judge dismisses Disney lawsuit against DeSantis based on standing. Partly says that policy based on retaliation doesn't matter. Wild to allow government to be weaponized this way.

Gus Bilirakis-It was refreshing to spend some time with members of the Leadership Hernando Class of 2024. These local leaders are doing great work and they are passionate about making a positive impact on their community. Their enthusiasm was contagious!

James Madison Institute

Weinberger Runs for Office on a Pro-Agriculture, Pro-Animal and Parental Rights Platform—By The Floridian's Javier Manjarres—When individuals decide to run for elected office, most are eager to promote their past accomplishments like Military service, strong business acumen...

Florida Bill Banning Corporal Punishment for Disabled Students —By The Floridian's Liv Caputo—TALLAHASSEE, FL—A bill banning corporal punishment for students with disabilities passed the House Education...

Mills Calls for 'Comprehensive Review' of Alleged Fani Willis Affair—By The Floridian's Jackson Bakich—Representative Cory Mills (R-FL) has sent a letter to the Georgia State Bar General Counsel Paula Frederick to discuss District Attorney Fani Willi...

Moskowitz Leads Bipartisan Effort Pressuring Biden to Increase Iranian Sanctions—By The Floridian's Mateo Guillamont—US Representative Jared Moskowitz (D-FL) sent a bipartisan letter to President Joe Biden requesting that he increase its administration’s sanctions on Iran.

Cruz, Lee Tear Into Meta's Zuckerberg About Child Sex Abuse Material—By The Floridian's Grayson Bakich—The Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing with the CEOs of several social media companies, including Meta, Discord, TikTok, and X (formerly Twitter), about the alarming proliferation of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) prevalent on their sites. In particular, Senator Mike Lee...

DeSantis Wins Disney Lawsuit After Federal Judge Dismisses Case—By The Floridian's Jackson Bakich—U.S. District Court Judge Allen Winsor has dismissed Disney’s lawsuit against Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) after he stripped them of their special improvement district status.

Waltz, Kelly Demand Reinforcement of Naval Power—By The Floridian's Grayson Bakich

Donalds Says Biden, Like Mayorkas, Should be Impeached Over Border Crisis (VIDEO)—By The Floridian's Javier Manjarres

'Seas the Opportunity': Seaport Day at the Capitol Applauds Record-Breaking Cargo Growth—By The Floridian's Liv Caputo—TALLAHASSEE, FL—It's time to "seas the opportunity" to keep Florida front and center on the international trade stage, according to maritime ...

Keiser University at the Capitol: Covers Education, Nursing Shortages, Athletics—By The Floridian's Liv Caputo—

TALLAHASSEE, FL—Keiser University kicked off its "Keiser Days at the Capitol" with a Wednesday morning press conference. Joined by Republican Rep. Randy Fine, the college's leaders discussed higher education, nursing shortages, and athletic success.

Sierra Club, FSU Academic Tried to Hide Biases Concerning Sugarcane Burning—By The Floridian's Jackson Bakich

UNRWA Protestors Call Mast ‘Liar’—By The Floridian's DanielMolina

Franklin Introduces Bill to Enforce Efficiency at VA—By The Floridian's Jackson Bakich

Bernie Sanders Refuses to Criticize Trump Supporters, Sympathizes with their Frustration in Interview—By The Floridian's Jackson Bakich

Parkland Law Raising Rifle-Buying Age Challenged in New Florida Bill—By The Floridian's Liv Caputo

Gimenez Says Reasons to Impeach Mayorkas Apply Equally to Biden—By The Floridian's Grayson Bakich

Rep. Byron Donalds

State Rep. Angie Nixon-The Sergeant of Arms of the Florida House of Representatives just accused me of stealing food from the members’ lounge. I cannot make this shit up. I took a plate of salad, a plate of nachos and a two tacos. Someone took a picture of me and sent it to the sergeant. I then get an apology because I paid my tab but was told I can’t take more than one plate out. Gtfoh. Literally the FL House is policing plates.

Congressional Republicans Appear to Stand Against the Controversial Social Media Bill—By The Floridian's Javier Manjarres—WASHINGTON—With the introduction of HB 1 in the Florida Legislature—a measure that proposes an all-out ban on children using social media under the age of 16...

Donalds Says Cori Bush 'Up to No Good,' Questions Ilhan Omar's Allegiance to U.S.—By The Floridian's Grayson Bakich—Is the Democratic "Squad" crumbling? Representative Cori Bush (D-MO) is under investigation for alleged abuse of campaign funds. Meanwhile, Representative Ilhan Omar....

Mills Suggests Crippling Iran Economically After Drone Strike—By The Floridian's Grayson Bakich—Americans are outraged at the deaths of three American soldiers in Jordan from an Iranian proxy militia's...

Cammack Describes Human Trafficking Horror at Border—By The Floridian's Grayson Bakich—

DeSantis Calls for Ilhan Omar to be Expelled, Denaturalized, and Deported—By The Floridian's Christian Pitten—Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) posted on his "X" account and stated that Rep. IIhan Omar (D) should be expelled, "denaturalized," and deported.

Salazar Urges Biden to Reinstate Sanctions Against Venezuela—By The Floridian's Daniel Molina—Tension between President Joe Biden (D) and Republican members of Congress continues to grow regarding Venezuela. With the Maduro regime...

Republicans Enlist 800,000 Registered Voters Over Democrats—By The Floridian's Grayson Bakich—

Republicans Want US to ‘Reconsider’ Relationship with UN Amidst UNRWA Scandal—By The Floridian's Mateo Guillamont—The United Nations (UN) is facing staunch criticism after Israeli intelligence reports exposed connections between the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) and Hamas.

Lauren Book Slams AI Images Victimizing Taylor Swift—By The Floridian's Jim McCool—With the rapid advent of AI technology, malicious usage of the internet has never been so accessible. State Senator Lauren Book (D-FL) is responding to new AI images generated of Taylor Swift.

Venezuela-US Barbados Sanctions Agreement Fails—By The Floridian's Daniel Molina

Donalds Scolds Senate Republicans in Fox News Appearance—By The Floridian's Grayson Bakich

Waltz Condemns Biden, 'Blood on Their Hands' After Drone Strike Kills 3—By The Floridian's Jackson Bakich

Rene Garcia

US Capitol
US Capitol/The Floridian

Fears of Free Speech Censorship Follow Florida's Antisemitism Bill—By The Floridian's Liv Caputo—TALLAHASSEE, FL—A bill defining antisemitism in Florida passed the Senate Committee on Judiciary unanimously, though not...

Proposed Bill Would Increase State Worker Pensions, Costs Taxpayers $2 Billion—By The Floridian's Jackson Bakich—Florida lawmakers in the state legislature are currently mulling over HB 151 – Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) of Retirement Benefits – which would increase the pensions of approximately one million state employees with a 3% increase due to “cost-of-living.”

Gimenez Says U.S. Military Needs to Start 'Hitting Some Assets' in Iran, Allied Proxies—By The Floridian's Javier Manjarres—WASHINGTON—The continued and unprovoked military strikes against U.S. Military assets in the Middle East by Iranian-proxy...

DeSantis Working to Certify Four New Constitutional Amendments, Calls for Term Limits—By The Floridian's Christian Pitten—Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced Monday morning that he is working with the Florida Legislature to certify four Constitutional amendments under Article V, including term limits for members of Congress.

Bill Banning Public Sleeping Allows for Homeless 'Camps' to be Constructed—By The Floridian's Liv Caputo

Florida to Impose Restrictions on AI Use in Political Ads—By The Floridian's Liv Caputo

DeSantis Pushes for Reform in Washington Using Article V—By The Floridian's Liv Caputo—NAPLES, FL—In a press conference Monday morning, Gov. DeSantis outlined the "weakness" of President Biden and the desire for fiscal responsibility and holding Washington accountable.

Scott Calls Lankford's Border Deal 'a Suicide Mission'—By The Floridian's Daniel Molina

Salazar’s Heroes of the Holocaust Bill has 255 Cosponsors—By The Floridian's Daniel Molina—Florida Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar (R) has announced that her Forgotten Heroes of the Holocaust Congressional Gold Medal Act has enlisted over 255 cosponsors. The news comes as this weekend marked International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Miami-Dade public safety chief James Reyes Runs for Sheriff, Cava could Back him—By The Floridian's Daniel Molina

Domestic Pressure Grows for Biden as Three Americans are Killed by Iran Drone Strike—By The Floridian's Liv Caputo

The Juice is squeezed by Javier Manjarres, Jim McCool, and Daniel Molina

Cavalry Strategies


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