Lauren Book Slams AI Images Victimizing Taylor Swift

Lauren Book Slams AI Images Victimizing Taylor Swift

Jim McCool
Jim McCool
January 30, 2024

With the rapid advent of AI technology, malicious usage of the internet has never been so accessible.  State Senator Lauren Book (D-FL) is responding to new AI images generated of Taylor Swift.

Artificial Intelligence has been able to create images, likenesses and audio of people with unprecedented accuracy.  The internet's newest problem has been being able to decipher what content is real and which is not.  This issue has caused even the US Congress to start drafting legislation to criminalize partaking in the theft of someone's likeness on the internet.

However, with Taylor Swift being subject to this abuse of technology, calls for Washington to solve the issue have reignited. Senate Democratic Leader Lauren Book, who has endured a traumatic and similar situation then worked to change Florida law to combat image-based sexual abuse, shared a statement.

"Unfortunately, in this digital age, deepfake images and the proliferation of AI-generated material aren't uncommon. I know firsthand because it happened to me. Let's be clear: anyone involved in the proliferation of nonconsensual pornographic images like the ones of Taylor Swift needs to be held accountable under the law. That's why, in 2022, Florida led the charge in giving law enforcement and prosecutors the tools they need to go after these online predators," stated Senator Book.

Book added, "Every single state in the country and the federal government must follow Florida's lead by updating its laws to combat this digital predation and ensure these perpetrators are held accountable. This is a very real and growing problem, and it's time to ensure our laws catch up with technology to protect innocent children, teens, and adults from the devastating impacts of digital image trafficking."

Although the internet in its modern conception has been around for decades, AI technology has sparked a new debate regarding ethics and the internet.

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Jim McCool

Jim McCool

Jim is a graduate of Florida State University where he studied Political Science, Religion and Criminology. He has been a reporter for the Floridian since January of 2021 and will start law school in 2024.

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