Weinberger Runs for Office on a Pro-Agriculture, Pro-Animal and Parental Rights Platform

Weinberger Runs for Office on a Pro-Agriculture, Pro-Animal and Parental Rights Platform

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
February 1, 2024

When individuals decide to run for elected office, most are eager to promote their past accomplishments like Military service, strong business acumen, education, and philanthropic work. This is the case with Meg Weinberger, a pro-gun, pro-parental rights Republican candidate for the Florida House of Representatives in District 94, who has devoted much of her life to child welfare and animal rescue causes

Weinberger currently works with Place for Hope, a group that helps rescue and abused children in Florida.

Not only does Weinberger put her money where her mouth is to help endangered animals, but she brings them home to nurture them back to health or welcomes them into her family’s home as permanent residents.

The Weinberger residence in western Palm Beach County is referred to as “The Farm” by just about anyone who visits because of the amount of wildlife that is living on the premises.

Yellowstone National Park is considered the Serengeti of North America, “The Farm” does not, but does house several exotic animals, including Alpacas and Zebras.

Yes, Zebras.

Zebra at Meg Weinberger's house
Zebra at Meg Weinberger's house

Upon arriving at “The Farm” it’s hard not to notice that more than ¾ of the property is dedicated to all the animals Weinberger has rescued and calls her family.

One of Weinberger’s favorite animals, if not her favorite animal, is the ever personable Quakers the Duck.

Not to be confused with the AFLAC duck, Quackers is not really a duck, but rather a big ole white Chinese Swan goose.

A Chinese Swan?

We couldn’t confirm if Quackers has passed any CIA or FBI screening.

Considering the efforts of the CCP to infiltrate every aspect of the American way of life, for all we know, Quackers the Duck could be on some government watch list.

While Quackers is Weinberger’s favorite, Daisy the Duck appears to have him controlled and on a short leash.

Quackers and Daisy Duck

Outside of the numerous horses, pigs, and ducks, the Weinbergers have about 18 or so dogs, that just about run the household.

This is true dedication to animals.

In addition to her animal rescue bona fides, Weinberger is a big supporter of farmers and the struggles that the community contends with daily.

Weinberger, who is the Palm Beach County Chairwoman of the Moms for Liberty grassroots organization, worked on her family’s ranch many, many moons ago, and can relate to the hard, everyday work that the farm community puts in day in and day out.

District 94 has a big concentration of agriculture, so her personal experiences and empathy with the plight of farmers could be critically important when it comes time for residents to turn up to vote later this year.

Weinberger animals

Weinberger is running in a contested primary race. The winner of the race is all but assured to become the next state representative of the district.

She is considered by many lobbyists and lawmakers to be the frontrunner in the race,

The other Republicans she is running against are Jon Carter, Anthony Aguirre, Christian Acosta, and Gabrielle Fox, and Democrat Rachelle Litt, has also registered to run for this state house seat.

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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