Webster Campaign Accused Of Dirty Tricks To Knock Out America First Candidate Laura Loomer

Webster Campaign Accused Of Dirty Tricks To Knock Out America First Candidate Laura Loomer

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
May 9, 2022

There appears to be mounting evidence that several congressional campaigns in the Republican Primary race for Florida’s 11th District are teaming up to derail Conservative journalist and firebrand Republican congressional candidate, Laura Loomer. Loomer is arguably the front runner in the race, as she has continued to gain momentum in the district and poses the greatest threat to the establishment-backed incumbent, 5-term sitting Congressman Daniel Webster

Loomer, who is considered the America First candidate in the race, was recruited in the Fall of 2021 to run in FL CD-11 by local Trump loyalists after learning that Webster turned his back on President Trump when he skipped out on the second impeachment vote and on the vote to establish the January 6th Congressional Commission.

In addition, Loomer has outraised Webster and all her other primary opponents to date.

The Floridian is quick to note that this political tactic of losing campaigns and collaborating to pile-on the front runner is not new.  However, it is a tactic used by Democrat operatives in concert with Republican Establishment operatives.  The purpose is usually to split Trump base voters and knock out the America First candidate in favor of the weaker Establishment candidate.  The question remains, who is behind it?

Rep. Daniel Webster (R), who is running for reelection (6th term) to the House of Representatives is being challenged by five other Republicans, and now he and his campaign are being accused the Trump grassroots base of potentially colluding with Jeanettee Skinner, a newly filed candidate.

However, Loomer and Webster are the only two candidates in the race who have qualified as of yet to be on the ballot for the August 23, 2022 primary.

According to sources in the District, Skinner has been spotted at various speaking engagements in the District alongside Sumter County committeewoman Edna Wales, badmouthing Loomer to voters in hopes to take votes and support away from Loomer, who is arguably the greatest election day threat to Rep. Webster.

Earlier this month,  a source told The Floridian that Skinner was seen and photographed huddled at the Everglades Recreation Center in The Villages colluding with Rep. Webster’s community relations manager and Cindy Brown, and Edna Wales.

Several voters in the Villages expressed to The Floridian their ethical concerns over Edna Wales's admission and advocacy of Skinner's candidacy while using her position as a state committeewoman to either influence and or intimidate voters One voter voiced her concern to this publication stating,committeemen and women aren’t supposed to be taking sides in a primary, and it’s obvious to everyone that Edna is parading Skinner around in coordination with Daniel Webster’s campaign. I believe she (Skinner) is a plant to take votes away from Loomer.”

Skinner apparently approached one of Loomer’s supporters at a recent Federated Republican Women’s club, not knowing that the woman she was talking to was a Loomer supporter.

Wales is here pictured with Rep. Webster two hours before The Villages event.

Witnesses observed the women “speaking ill” of Loomer, and so they began to document the meeting, knowing that it’s a violation for both Webster’s congressional staff to be campaigning, and also a violation for Florida State committeemen and women to be taking sides in a primary. The source who photographed the meeting also found it to be strange that Webster’s staff would be colluding with a candidate filed in the Congressman’s same district.

“I was at the ladies luncheon and Jeanette Skinner walked up to me to give me a palm card. I said no thank you I’m working for the LAURA LOOMER campaign. She told me Laura has already raised so much more money than her and any of the other candidates and that they know she will win, but that they are only staying in to make sure she doesn’t win. I found this odd given that Laura isn’t the incumbent, so I asked her what she thought about Dan Webster and she said he’s a nice guy and that she really likes him. She wouldn’t say anything critical about Daniel Webster," said the source.

Opposing congressional campaigns and legislative office seekers often speak in passing during competitive or contentious contests, but Skinner’s meeting with Brown is raising eyebrows given that federally employed staffers like Cindy Brown are prohibited from campaigning. Congressional staff and campaign staff are not allowed to intermingle or coordinate, given that it’s a violation of the Hatch Act.

It begs the question, why would Dan Webster’s paid staff be having meetings with opposing candidates?

Adding fuel to the fire of this controversy, Skinner has been seen speaking in the district openly claiming that, “I’m running against Laura Loomer” even though Dan Webster is the incumbent.

Last month, Skinner falsely claimed when she attended the Villagers For Trump meeting and was seen telling the audience that she’s been filed to run in District 11 since December 2021.

However, FEC records show she only filed to run in District 11 as of last week. Skinner was filed to run in District 12.

One voter in the Villages expressed ethical concerns over Edna using her position as committeewoman to campaign for Skinner, saying, “committeemen and woman aren’t supposed to be taking sides in a primary, and it’s obvious to everyone that Edna is parading Skinner around in coordination with Daniel Webster’s campaign. I believe she is a plant to take votes away from Loomer.”

It’s clear that the competition is on, but will it be a fair contest?  Webster has stepped up his social media game after the Loomer campaign outraised him for the 3rd straight quarter in a row and just last month, Loomer tripled Webster’s take in.  Loomer’s campaign is completely de-platformed but appears undeterred.

Loomer is ubiquitous, she seems to be everywhere.  According to several supporters she has been actively campaigning in the district as a full-time candidate and has been heard saying, “I am going to win this race the old fashioned way, by outworking my opponent, listening and leaning into the voters, meeting them in person and sharing my vision for taking our congress back, as well as our country.”

The Florida Republican Primary is scheduled for August 23, 2022.

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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