Scott Says Biden Foreign Policy is to

Scott Says Biden Foreign Policy is to "Leave Americans Behind"

America Last policy addressed in the U.S. Congress

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
September 29, 2021

After firmly placing blame on President Joe Biden over the “botched withdrawal from Afghanistan” during the recent Senate Armed Services Committee hearing about troop pull out, Sen. Rick Scott (R) sat down with The Floridian to express his disbelief in the administration’s plan to leave Americans behind or stranded in Afghanistan.

Sen. Scott said that no one in the administration has taken any responsibility for the “plan that included leaving Americans behind” and accusing President Biden of lying about making sure all Americans were pulled out.

Joe Biden completely lied,” said Sen. Scott.  He said that he would never leave Americans behind. Their plan was to leave Americans behind.”

Scott then asserted that the administration’s plan or foreign policy all along was to leave Americans behind

“The Biden administration policy is that he will leave Americans behind. He will take out the military and leave Americans behind. That’s the Biden policy. It’s never happened in the history of this country,” added Scott.

Scott then spoke about the number of private American citizens who felt compelled to try to extract Americans from Afghanistan, some doing so on their own dime, as was the case with former U.S. Army Ranger Cory Mills.

“It’s disgusting that Americans citizens have to go work to help their fellow citizens get out,” Scott said of Mills's successful mission that resulted in four Americans being rescued, and of the other individual efforts by private groups.

Mills told The Floridian that he know of Americans waiting to get out that were killed during the suicide bombing at the Kabul International airport, adding that after the blast, he and his team never heard back from the woman, leading them to believe that she and her family were “parished” in the attack.

“I can tell you that she was not the only American out at that gate. This idea that there were only 160 Afghans that died and thirteen American service members that died. No, there were Americans on the other side of that gate that died in that explosion,” said Mills. They are covering it up.”

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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