Florida's Daily Political Read - 10.15.19- 2020 Democrats Co-opt Debate By Hating Trump - Florida GOP Woes Continue - Rick Scott Dunks On Lebron James

Florida's Daily Political Read - 10.15.19- 2020 Democrats Co-opt Debate By Hating Trump - Florida GOP Woes Continue - Rick Scott Dunks On Lebron James

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
October 16, 2019




The latest 2020 Democratic presidential debate was once again, nothing more than anti-Trump, pro-Impeachment event

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard echoed Trump talking points that the impeachment of the president started soon after he took office. Steyer followed Gabbard to point that he started the impeachment call two years ago.

When we are talking about him, we are losing—Andrew Yang

But while all of the candidates stuck to script, the most telling moment, a moment that could hurt Sen.Elizabeth Warren, was when she refused to acknowledge vice president Joe Biden for his work to pass the Affordable Care Act.

Biden first pointed out his accomplishments as a U.S. Senator and as Vice President, and then he gave Warren a pad on the back for her work in the U.S. Senate.

Warren then distastefully refused to utter Joe Biden’s name, and only mentioned President Barack Obama and anyone who helped pass ACA.

Lara Trump: Democrats know its “impossible to defeat President Trump” by The Floridian's Javier Manjarres

During a call with “Fake News” and some not-so-Fake-News media outlets (us) on Team Trump’s “Stop the Madness” anti-impeachment campaign, campaign advisor Lara Trump told reporters that the “impeachment hysteria” Democrats were pushing was falling flat on its face, saying that Democrats “know its hard, impossible to defeat President Trump.”

Since House Democrats announced an impeachment inquiry into the president, fundraising has skyrocketed for the RNC and the Trump for President.

No real changes in any of the polls. Biden is up in SC, but Warren is leading him in NH and IA. The Democratic debate in Ohio will not move the needle in favor on any of the candidates. The only person that we believe gains is Trump.

NOT FUNNY--Impeachment is all the talk in Washington. House Republicans are looking to censure House Judiciary Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D) for his "parody" reading of President Donald Trump's call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

There are 125 Republicans who have already signed on to the censure.

"Ilhan Omar tops $1 Million in 3rd quarter" by The Floridian's Yendi Alvarez

This week Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-Minn) campaign reported raising $1.1 million in the last three months for her 2020 re-election campaign.With the average donation being $14.55, over 55,000 people have donated to the campaign this quarter, according to what her team says. Omar has raised almost double from last quarter’s $617,000 and the majority of her contributions were made online. The campaign says 99.8% of donations made were under $200.

Comback Kid --"Spano bounces back, raises $500K year-to-date" by The Floridian's Javier Manjarres

Rep. Ross Spano (R) appears to have bounced back from a self-inflicted political fundraising wound suffered earlier this year when then-congressman-elect disclosed to the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) that he failed to properly report loans made to his congressional campaign.According to a press release, Spano has obliged the FEC, accepting their recommendation that he pay back the loans made to his campaign last year, which would leave him with less money available than he would like.

"Rick Scott’s political dunk over Lebron James" by The Floridian's Javier Manjarres

The recent tweet by Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey about supporting the anti-Chinese Hong Kong protests has apparently not only caused a big riff between Communist China and the NBA but has also brought out the ignorance of a few of the league’s most prominent players, including Lakers Forward Lebron James. Florida Senator Rick Scott (R) posterized James in a tweet, criticizing the future Hall of Famer for saying Morey was “not educated on the issue” and saying that Morey should watch what he says because of his controversial tweet, 

Wasserman Schultz goes after Trump’s policy advisor by The Floridian's Javier Manjarres

With Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan stepping down from his position, House Democrats are using his resignation as political gunpowder to use against President Trump and his administration.House Democrats do not seem to be content with just impeaching President Trump, having set their sights on the president’s inner circle of advisors, including White House senior policy advisor to the president, Stephen Miller.

House Democrat accuses Rep. Gaetz of not doing his job by The Floridian's Javier Manjarres

It seems as if Rep. Matt Gaetz (R) and Rep. Donna Shalala (D) are more “frenemies” than actual friendly colleagues in the U.S. Congress.Both Reps. Gaetz and Shalala support legalizing medicinal marijuana and have even gone to the length of filing legislation together to fund research into the benefits of legalized medical pot.But the marijuana kumbaya is where the friendship seems to end between these two lawmakers.

Don't Drink and Drive--Senator Rick Scott and Senator Tom Udall will hold a press conference to unveil bipartisan legislation to help prevent drunk driving and save thousands of lives. Senators Scott and Udall will be joined by Representative Debbie Dingell, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) National President Helen Witty, Former NHTSA Administrator Joan Claybrook, and the Abbas family, who have lost family members in drunk driving crashes.

Still No Money for Rick--Today, Senator Rick Scott announced he will donate his third quarter Senate salary to the Navy SEAL Foundation, an organization dedicated to providing immediate and ongoing support and assistance to the Naval Special Warfare community and its families.

Senator Rick Scott said, As a Navy veteran myself, I know firsthand the sacrifices our men and women in uniform, and their families, make to serve our nation. Today, I’m proud to support the Navy SEAL Foundation and their incredible efforts to support our American heroes and their families. Throughout my time as Governor, I made it my mission to make sure our military, veterans and their families have every resource they need to be successful. And as a United States Senator, I will never stop fighting to give back to the selfless heroes who have given so much to our amazing nation.”

Rep. Gus Bilirakis like most House members recently briefed constituents on their efforts in Congress. Bilirakis was recently at On Top of the World this week to talk about Veterans, lowering prescription drug prices and how he is protecting seniors.

Rep. Charlie Crist backs the Hong Kong protest, stands proudly in support of pro-protest legislation in the House.

Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell--"It is unacceptable that there are over 40,000 veterans nationwide who risked their lives for our country and are now homeless. Today, I was proud to vote to pass the #HomelessVeteransFamilyAct because those who have served our country shouldn’t have to live on the streets"

Rep. Stephanie Murphy has signaled that she will vote in favor of a bipartisan resolution "condemning Trump's decision to abandon our Kurdish allies in the fight against ISIS. His actions represent a betrayal of our allies, undermine our security, and embolden our adversaries. They must be strongly condemned."

Rep. John Rutherford --"Great news! The House just passed #HR95, the Homeless Veteran Families Act, which ensures children and dependents are included in homeless veteran programs. This will help struggling veterans and their families get into stable housing and back on their feet."

Rescue Ron-- Top Florida lobbyist Ron Book through the Homeless non-profit he heads is said to be coming to the aid of a young mother who was forced to leave her home after the floor fell out.

Gov. Ron DeSantis, AG Commissioner Nikki Fried, Attorney General Ashley Moody, and CFO Jimmy Patronis, all congratulated Senator Wilton Simpson after being designated as the next president of the state Senate.

GOP Woes--With the GOP preparing to defend President Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election, the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) continues to struggle to put differences between leadership and county officials aside. More and more local GOP leaders are voices their distaste with the current leadership, namely Chairman Joe Gruters and are starting to question if the right team is in place to help Trump win the state.

This story is developing...

Florida Democrats presser--"The Florida Democratic Party is investing around $3.2 million to register 200,000 new voters - the number of voters that are needed to turn Florida blue. Throughout the weekend around 2,000 convention delegates heard from Democratic elected officials and party leaders about the importance of building the infrastructure that will set up the eventual Democratic Nominee for success in 2020."

State Rep. Anthony Sabatini endorses Evan Power for National Committeeman for Florida. Powers, who is respected and supported by an overwhelming majority of county Republican chairmen and committeemen, was running for RPOF Chairman but stepped down after Gruters was tapped to lead the state GOP.

One South Florida county chairman, who asked that we not divulge his or her name, said "It should have been Evan. Gruters is divisive and surrounds himself with shady people."

Republican Joe Harding running in House District 22 has raised $100,000 for his campaign.

Former State Rep. Gary Aubuchon endorses Iraqi War Veteran Mike Giallombardo for Florida House District 77.

“I am very excited to announce that former State Representative Gary Aubuchon has endorsed my campaign. Not only has Gary been a leader in business for the past 25 years, he also served our community with honor and integrity as one of the most respected members of the Florida House. His commitment to better our area through his philanthropic efforts and his role as a public servant is inspiring. I am truly humbled to have his support.”- Mike Giallombardo

Republican congressional candidate Irina Vilarino has something to say about Medicare for All:

"Medicare for All seems to be the constant healthcare solution for Dem candidates but none have been able to say how they’re going to pay for it or how they’re going to keep Americans from suffering more than they have with socialized medicine."

Rumor--Herbe Thiele over at Sachs Media is said to be back to work from maternity leave. The proud papa and his wife welcomed a beautiful baby girl a few weeks back. Thankfully, Baby Thiele looks like her mother.

Kevin Cate earned his keep on Twitter by pushing his client's debate performance.` Cate worked feverishly to rapid response Tom Steyer's points and acknowledgments

Top Republican Pollster and Martorano's patron Tony Fabrizio believes that the person who gave Hunter Biden to interview with ABC about the Ukraine controversy should be fired.

The younger Biden admitted that it would be impossible for him to get on boards like Burisma is he wasn't the son of the vice president of the U.S.


President Donald Trump @realDonaldTrump

Now that we have found out that @CNN

is a virtual fraud, rumor has it that Jeff Zucker will be resigning momentarily?

Adam Schiff @RepAdamSchiff

The text messages we’ve obtained show that the White House meeting desperately sought by Ukraine was conditioned on a “deliverable” - a sham investigation into a Trump 2020 rival.

That alone is a terrible abuse of power. We intend to find out how much deeper that abuse goes


Matt Gaetz @mattgaetz

It is a rough day when the leading Republican supporter of #Marijuana reform gets thrown into a mean, sexually graphic, ageist, anti-gay tweet by...Tommy Chong..


Rep. Val Demings @RepValDemings

Some people came to America on cruise ships. Some came on slave ships. Some were already here.

Now, we’re all in the same boat.

Let’s stand up for fairness, for justice, and for one another.


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