Senate Republicans Decry Trump Conviction in Massive Display of Unity

Senate Republicans Decry Trump Conviction in Massive Display of Unity

Mateo Guillamont
Mateo Guillamont
June 13, 2024

Nearly thirty US Senators have written to Attorney General Merrick Garland condemning the recent conviction of former President Donald Trump.

President Trump became the first US president to be convicted of a crime last month after a New York court found him guilty of a 34-count felony charge.

US Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) joined Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) and 27 others in communicating their dismay with the current state of the US justice system.

The Senators allege Trump’s conviction is symbolic of the demise of the federal justice process.

Calling the conviction “the evisceration of the American judicial process,” the letter alleges “Democrat prosecutors successfully dissolved the constitutional protections afforded to defendants and the barriers that protect every American from the abuses of arbitrary rule.”

The letter lists a series of legal protections Trump was allegedly deprived of, such as a neutral decision-maker.

The credibility of the Judge Presiding over the case, Judge Juan Merchan, has been routinely questioned by conservatives.

According to the letter, Judge Merchan has previously donated to Democrat candidates.

Merchan reportedly donated to Democrat causes, including to Trump’s main political opponent, President Joe Biden.

In total, Merchan donated $35.

The letter also claims a series of due process rights were violated, such as the right to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation and the right of being heard.

Additionally, the letter alleges the Biden administration is complicit in the justice violations, as it could have blocked the case.

President Joe Biden defended the prosecution, claiming “no one is above the law.”

The Senators’ letter is the latest turn in the political storm engendered by Trump’s conviction. Trump has suggested he is not interested in retribution where he to become President, but recently commented he would consider it.

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Mateo Guillamont

Mateo Guillamont

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