Donalds Decries 'Politicization of the Justice System'

Donalds Decries 'Politicization of the Justice System'

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
May 31, 2024

Democrats are cheering and Republicans are jeering as President Donald Trump (R) fights the guilty verdict he received. On social media, conservatives have begun to share their support for President Trump by sharing images of an upside down American flag, which recently landed Justice Samuel Alito in hot water. During a heated interview with CNN, Florida Rep. Byron Donalds (R) questioned the 'politicization of the Justice System' in light of President Trump's guilty verdict.

Florida Republicans are going to bat for President Trump, and an interview with CNN was the latest effort in Republicans questioning the nature of President Trump's legal woes. Echoing President Trump's claims that his hush money trial was "election interference," Rep. Donalds argued that the guilty verdict only shows the American people that there is a '2-tiered system."

"You witnessed a railroading prosecution in New York. Couple that with the fact that you have two men running for president; one had classified documents in his house when he was a vice president and when he was a United States senator. The Department of Justice has come out and said 'we're not gonna prosecute because we frankly think he's an elderly gentleman who shouldn't go before prosecution.' That's what the Hur report says," Rep. Donalds argued.

"you have a lot of people in our country - a lot of them not just Republicans - who are looking at this verdict, and they are saying 'this is a sham, this is politicization of the justice system, this is election interference against Donald Trump.'"

President Trump is expected to appeal the guilty verdict, and his sentencing will be announced on July 11th, days before the Republican Party is scheduled to formally nominate him as their 2024 presidential nominee.

The president is scheduled to hold a news conference to discuss the verdict and his plans moving forward.

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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