200 Pro-Palestine Protestors Expected at Doral's Special Meeting to Repeal Ceasefire Resolution

200 Pro-Palestine Protestors Expected at Doral's Special Meeting to Repeal Ceasefire Resolution

As the Doral City Council debates repealing an Israel-Palestine ceasefire resolution, over 200 pro-Palestine protestors are expected to contest the decision

Liv Caputo
Liv Caputo
May 20, 2024

DORAL, FL—The Doral City Council will convene for a special meeting Tuesday morning to rescind their controversial Israel-Palestine ceasefire resolution—though city police are reportedly preparing for over 200 pro-Palestine protestors outside City Hall angered by the change of heart.

Sponsored by Republican Mayor Christi Fraga and written by "Free Palestine" activist Zohra Mehdi Khorashi, the ceasefire resolution faced massive bipartisan backlash, causing Mayor Fraga to announce Thursday a total reversal: she had a new resolution, and this one was pro-Israel and condemned the terrorist group Hamas.

Fraga planned to introduce this new resolution at their next scheduled meeting on June 12th, but first, the original ceasefire must be repealed.

"I am fully supportive of rescinding it," Doral Democratic Councilwoman Maureen Porras—a leading critic of the ceasefire—told The Floridian. She revealed that the Doral Police Department had warned her that there would be over 200 pro-Palestine protestors outside of City Hall during the meeting, likely angered by the city's sudden reversal of its Israel-Palestine stance.

"This is exactly what my fear was in terms of security. I sent an email to our police department making sure they would be vigilant and that there would be zero tolerance for any disruption or malfeasance or anything that we're seeing from agitators," Porras said.

"Having this topic be part of our city was part of my concern originally because we have never had protestors in this city before that are related to this conflict, so this is going to be a really bad consequence of that resolution," she added.

Zohra Mehdi Khorashi

There have been whisperings, meanwhile, that the new pro-Israel resolution may be introduced in the coming weeks before the June 12th meeting.

When asked if Porras would support Fraga's new resolution in the June meeting, she was more reticent.

"We'll have to see—we already have a pro-Israel resolution that was passed in November," she said. "Let's rescind this one and revalidate the resolution that's only pro-Israel from November of last year."

All three council members—Digna Cabral, Rafael Pineyro, and Maureen Porras, as well as Mayor Fraga and Vice Mayor Oscar Puig-Corve, voted unanimously for the initial ceasefire resolution before denouncing the measure after Khorashi's pro-Palestinian leanings and promotion of anti-Israel propaganda was discovered.

"Just remember—when a tyrant dies, his rules is over, but when a martyr dies, his rule begins," stated Khorashi.

In response to the planned protest, Israel's consulate general in Miami, Maor Elbaz-Starinsky, responded to The Floridian's request for comment, calling the "so-called pro-Palestinian supporters" mere "supporters of  terrorists and war criminals."

"I have no intention of getting into local politics. On Thursday, I tweeted that I applaud Mayor Fraga for acknowledging her mistake and attempting to rectify it. The new resolution accurately reflects the facts: HAMAS and Iran are responsible for this war, the tragic deaths of civilians, perpetrating heinous war crimes against Israel, and kidnapping, torturing, and sexually exploiting hundreds of civilian hostages," stated Elbaz-Starlinsky. These so-called pro-Palestinian supporters are, in reality, supporters of terrorists and war criminals who have waged war against our values and civilization. They are ignorant and arrogant antisemites, anti-patriotic, and anti-American."

"I told Mayor Fraga that her new resolution wouldn't be good enough unless the Muslim terror supporters lost their minds. Mission accomplished," said Rep. Randy Fine.

City of Doral Ceasefire resolution

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Liv Caputo

Liv Caputo

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