A Tale of Two Resolutions: Doral Mayor Reverses Course On Palestine-Israel Affairs

A Tale of Two Resolutions: Doral Mayor Reverses Course On Palestine-Israel Affairs

Doral Mayor Christi Fraga reversed course by introducing a new resolution backtracking on her ceasefire proposal from last week

Liv Caputo
Liv Caputo
May 16, 2024

DORAL, FL—Republican Mayor of Doral Christi Fraga has just rescinded the city's Israel-Palestine ceasefire resolution and announced a new resolution recognizing Hamas must be defeated to ensure peace, prompted by massive backlash after she worked with a pro-Palestine activist to draft the armistice call.

Fraga told The Floridian that this apparent 180-degree flip from her original resolution was due to an "honest mistake", writing in a text message.

"Last week's resolution was an honest mistake that contained errors, so I chose to correct the errors with this rewrite that fully reflects my sentiment," stated Mayor Fraga.

This new resolution, which will be proposed and voted on at the next Committee meeting on June 12th, recognizes that Hamas was "founded with the stated goal of destroying the State of Israel" and is listed as a "Foreign Terrorist Organization", and "commends the extraordinary measures Israel has taken to minimize casualties among innocent Palestinians."

The original resolution, meanwhile, did not make a single mention of Hamas and referred to areas of Palestine as "Palestinian occupied territories".

Earlier this week, The Floridian reported that Fraga worked with Miami-based lawyer and anti-Zionist activist Zohra Mehdi Khorashi to pen a resolution calling for "peace and security" and an "end to all hostilities" in the ongoing war.

Soon after, Doral Democratic Councilwoman Maureen Porras slammed the resolution and highlighted the need for a new proposal walking back this ceasefire call. Porras was joined by a slew of GOP voices, including U.S. Senator Marco Rubio.

"They let some Palestinian lady write the resolution, and of course, it's geared towards Hamas," Rubio told The Floridian. "The fastest way to have peace is for Hamas to surrender and lay down their weapons, or to come out in the open and fight like soldiers since they're so tough—or they claim to be—and let the civilians move to where they need to go—but they won't do it."

"That's what the resolution should have been—I don't know what internal pressures there are. I never viewed Doral as some sort of Palestinian stronghold," Rubio continued. "These are pro-Hamas activists, these are pro-terrorist activists, these are antisemitic activists who are pushing these sort of narratives out there."

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Liv Caputo

Liv Caputo

Livia Caputo is a senior at Florida State University, working on a major in Criminology, and a triple minor in Psychology, Communications, and German. She has been working on a journalism career for the past year, and hopes to become a successful reporter after graduation. Her work has been cited in Fox News, the New York Post, and the Daily Mail

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