Moskowitz Warns of Spread of Antisemitism From Recent Protests

Moskowitz Warns of Spread of Antisemitism From Recent Protests

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
April 23, 2024

Columbia University continues to attract controversy in light of the anti-Israel protests that have taken place. Columbia University President Dr. Nemat "Minouche" Shafik has called for the rest of the semester to be virtual, but lawmakers are questioning the move. Florida Rep. Jared Moskowitz (D) is now warning that going virtual will not slow the spread of antisemitism.

The anti-Israel protests that have occurred at Columbia University have drawn widespread condemnation from a bipartisan group of lawmakers. Florida Senator Rick Scott (R) has responded by introducing a bill that would pull federal funding from universities that allow such protests on their campuses, and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott (R) has called on Dr. Shafik to resign from her position.

Rep. Moskowitz, who over the weekend held a press conference to affirm that Congress stands with Israeli students, is now questioning Dr. Shafik's decision for the rest of the semester to be virtual.

On X, the Florida Democrat responded to the announcement, commenting that "with Columbia University, going fully virtual for the remainder of the semester and the student agitators wearing masks, I can assure you, bringing back the policies of Covid will not slow the spread of Anti-Semitism."

Rep. Moskowitz took part in an interview with CNN, discussing the protests. During the interview, he likened the protests to the protests in Charlottesville 7 years ago wherein neo-Nazis proclaimed "Jews will not replace us." However, given that the Columbia university protestors were proclaiming things such as "we are Hamas," "go back to Poland!" and "burn Tel Aviv to the ground," Rep. Moskowitz is questioning why the same ire isn't directed to the protestors.

"I know the people saying this aren't white, Aryan males with tiki-torches, but they have the same message. These students that are participating in this - and it's not all of them - but the students that are allowing this to go on with the Hamas flags, letting these people on the campus, the professors that are participating in this, it's the same message, which is Jews are not welcomed," Rep. Moskowitz said.

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Daniel Molina

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