Tim Scott Calls for Columbia University's President to Resign

Tim Scott Calls for Columbia University's President to Resign

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
April 22, 2024

Columbia University made headlines this weekend after footage of students yelling "we are Hamas" circulated online. The protest has received significant scrutiny, and Florida Senator Rick Scott (R) has even introduced a bill to defund universities that allow antisemitism on its campuses. South Carolina Senator Tim Scott (R) is now endorsing defunding Columbia and calling on its president to resign.

Columbia President Dr. Nemat 'Minouche" Shafik ordered for all classes to be held virtually today as anti-Israel protesters continue to protest on campus.

In a statement early Monday morning, the president shared that she was "deeply saddened" over the actions of agitators, adding that an "encampment has formed on the campus to rile faculty and students with antisemitic rhetoric.

"Our bonds as a community have been severely tested in ways that will take a great deal of time and effort to reaffirm. Students across an array of communities have conveyed fears for their safety and we have announced additional actions we are taking to address security concerns. The decibel of our disagreements has only increased in recent days. These tensions have been exploited and amplified by individuals who are not affiliated with Columbia who have come to campus to pursue their own agendas," Dr. Shafik said.

The response from the president however has not cooled the negative response towards the university, and lawmakers are now calling on Dr. Shafik to resign from her position.

In a statement, Senator Scott commented that "all institutions that receive federal dollars need to be put on notice that students have the right to go to class and study peacefully and that their funding in a privilege." "Every American, regardless of race, religion, or background, deserves the ability to attend class and walk without on their campuses and in their communities."

The former 2024 presidential candidate then called for Dr. Shafik to resign, citing her "allowing students to turn their campus into a breeding ground for hatred."

"What's happening at Columbia University is a disgrace to the core values of our nation."

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Daniel Molina

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