Florida Pressures U.S. Congress for Congressional Term Limit Amendment

Florida Pressures U.S. Congress for Congressional Term Limit Amendment

Florida is calling for an Article V Convention, which has never been done before, for a Congressional term limit Amendment to the Constitution

Liv Caputo
Liv Caputo
January 24, 2024

TALLAHASSEE, FL—Florida is calling for an Article V Convention to circumvent Congress and amend the U.S. Constitution to provide term limits for Congressional members. 34 states would have to call for an Article V Convention, which has never happened before, in order to amend the Constitution.

"For hundreds of years, for decades now, everyone has been complaining: we are spending too much money, we are not balancing our Federal Budget," SRC 326's sponsor, Republican Sen. Blaise Ingoglia, said in the Senate Rules Committee, "Term limits will help solve the problem that is Washington DC, so the Article V Convention is—right now—our best opportunity."

Under the Constitution, Representatives can serve 2-year terms and Senators 6-year terms, though there is no limit on how many terms they may serve. This proposal would cap the ability to appear on the ballot for an indefinite period of time.

The Constitution also allows for two pathways for amendment processes: the first requires a majority vote in both houses of Congress before a majority vote of the states. All 27 Amendments have undergone this process. The second method, which the measure calls for and has never before been used, requires 34 states to apply for an Article V convention. Congress must then call for the convention.

"We are a Representative Republic with a Democratic process," Ingoglia said, "The reason why the founders put [the second method in] is because Congress may not want to do what we all want to do, and there has to be another avenue."

An opponent of the resolution from the electoral advocacy group Equal Ground Action Fund stated this issue should be put to the voters, and not decided amongst legislatures.

"If there is something that voters want or believe that proves this should be initiated, voters should take the lead on initiating that process," The member said, "To put power into the people...is to allow voters to trust and believe that they can do their job, and that is to actually be able to vote legislators...in and out of office."

Ingoglia disagreed, pointing out that issues of Amendments to the Constitution are not able to be put to the voters, stating, "One of the people came up and said this should be put in the voters' hands: you can't. The U.S. Constitution is very clear: there are only two ways you can amend the constitution, and that is Congress ratifies it and sends it to the States, and the other is an Article V Convention."

He continued, explaining that the point of a calling for an Article V Convention is to put pressure on Congress to listen to the States. Florida would join Oklahoma, Missouri, Alabama, and Wisconsin in calls for a Convention over Congressional term limits.

The resolution passed, and will now head to the Senate Floor.

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Liv Caputo

Liv Caputo

Livia Caputo is a senior at Florida State University, working on a major in Criminology, and a triple minor in Psychology, Communications, and German. She has been working on a journalism career for the past year, and hopes to become a successful reporter after graduation. Her work has been cited in Fox News, the New York Post, and the Daily Mail

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