Juice🍊—12.15.2023—Hispanic Voters are 'Moderates,' Could Swing 2024 For GOP.—Controversial NDAA Splits FL Republicans—More...

Juice🍊—12.15.2023—Hispanic Voters are 'Moderates,' Could Swing 2024 For GOP.—Controversial NDAA Splits FL Republicans—More...

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
December 15, 2023

Florida Republicans Split on Supporting Controversial NDAA Appropriations

Florida House Republicans are usually in lock-step legislatively, but the NDAA appropriations measure has created a divide within the caucus...READ MORE

Florida International University

FIU Poll: U.S Hispanics Consider Themselves Moderate, Dislike ‘LatinX’ Label

It’s official: Hispanics in the U.S. continue to refuse to refer to themselves as LatinX ...READ MORE


Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz-This week, Chanukah celebrations came to our nation's Capitol.

Thank you to @shemtovdc for leading all four Congressional leaders in the first-ever lighting of the U.S. Capitol Menorah. Wishing everyone a wonderful rest of Chanukah!

Dr. Neal Dunn-Today I voted to support our Military.

Rep. Cory Mills -Let me be clear: this is not a vote against our brave men and women, or our military priorities, but is a vote to support American privacy and freedoms, which is what our military fights to protect.

Byron Donalds-Hunter Biden’s laptop was the key that opened the door to the Biden Family’s web of corruption.

This is why they censored the articles about it. That is why they called it Russian disinformation. They tried to cover it all up.

House Republicans uncovered it. The Biden Family can’t hide anymore.

Paul Renner-Representative @TeamAlexRizo has always been a staunch advocate for children & their access to quality education. I am proud to appoint him to the Education Commission of the States, where he will help develop proposals to further improve our top-ranked education system.

Reps. Mike McCaul and Maria Elvira Salazar

Florida Republicans Divided Almost Down the Middle on Defense Bill—By The Floridian's Jackson Bakich—Republican Representatives from Florida are almost split down the middle on the recent National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for 2024. 11 Florida Republicans voted against the bill, and nine voted for it.

Florida Legislature Considers Liberalizing Minor Employment—By The Floridian's Mateo Guillamont—The Florida Legislature is considering whether to pass recently proposed laws that would deregulate some aspects of minor employment in Florida.

Rubio Urges Release of Imprisoned Nicaraguan Bishop—By The Floridian's Grayson Bakich

Gaetz 'Rises in Regret' Against NDAA Containing FISA Extensions, Wokeness—By The Floridian's Grayson Bakich—The yearly National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) awaits final approval in the House...

Trump Responds to Voter Fraud Survey, Maintains 2020 Election was Rigged—By The Floridian's Daniel Molina

House Representatives React to Formal Impeachment Inquiry into President Biden—By The Floridian's Jackson Bakich

Biden Called ‘Logistics Partner for the Drug Cartels’—By The Floridian's Jackson Bakich—Republicans continue to sound the alarm on illegal immigration, warning that President Joe Biden (D) has not properly...

New Rubio Bill Seeks to Increase Biological Father’s Child Support Responsibilities—By The Floridian's Jackson Bakich

FIU Poll: U.S Hispanics Consider Themselves Moderate, Dislike ‘LatinX’ Label—By The Floridian's Javier Manjarres—It’s official: Hispanics in the U.S. continue to refuse to refer to themselves as LatinX...

Rep. Michael Waltz
Rep. Michael Waltz

House Passes Bipartisan Resolution Condemning University Presidents—By The Floridian's Jackson Bakich—After the presidents of Harvard, UPenn, and MIT failed to share whether calling for the genocide of Jews would violate university standards, the House of Representatives passed a bipartisan resolution condemning their testimonies.

Scott Blasts Bidenomics During Holiday Season—By The Floridian's Jackson Bakich—Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) has provided monthly his reaction to the latest Producer Price Index (PPI) numbers for November...

Donalds Rips Hunter Biden's No-Show for Deposition, Calls Statement 'A Joke'—By The Floridian's Grayson Bakich—Hunter Biden refused to appear for his closed-door deposition for House Republicans' impeachment inquiry...

Buchanan Seeks to Deregulate Public Lung Cancer Screenings—By The Floridian's Mateo Guillamont

Mills Says Biden Would Only Support Israel 'If They Had a Bursima'—By The Floridian's Grayson Bakich— House Republicans continue to stand firm in demanding border security and aid to Israel..

Real-Time US Investments in China to be Revealed if Rubio Bill Passes—By The Floridian's Grayson Bakich

Gimenez Warns Chinese Cyberattacks 'Real Threat' after West Coast Hacks—By The Floridian's Jackson Bakich

Rubio Calls Out Companies for Boycotting X While Remaining on TikTok—By The Floridian's Grayson Bakich

Waltz Says Washington Looking at Ukraine Through 'a Soda Straw'—By The Floridian's Jackson Bakich—Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has visited ...

Governor Ron DeSantis
Governor Ron DeSantis

Sununu's Endorsement of Haley Crushes DeSantis and Christie—By The Floridian's Javier Manjarres—“We are all in for Nikki Haley,” said New Hampshire Governor John Sununu. And just like that the presidential aspirations of both former ...

Moskowitz Trolls Comer with Cameo from George Santos—By The Floridian's Jackson Bakich—After being just the sixth member of the House of Representatives to be expelled, former Rep. George Santos (R) is making tens of thousands...

Castor Left Optimistic After Global Climate Summit—By The Floridian's Jackson Bakich

Scott Renews Call for Fed Chair Jay Powell to Resign, Cites 'Failed Leadership'—By The Floridian's Grayson Bakich—The Federal Reserve, or simply the Fed, plays a significant role in the American economy and thus has partial responsibility for the current economic downturn...

Rubio, Scott, and Fellow Senators Seek Assurances Prior to Renegotiation of Iran Nuclear Deal—By The Floridian's Mateo Guillamont—Florida Senators Marco Rubio(R) and Rick Scott(R) have jointly cosponsored a bill to prevent the renegotiation of the Iran Nuclear deal absent certain conditions.

Senators Urge AG Garland to Investigate Chinese Student Scholar Organizations—By The Floridian's Jackson Bakich—Senator and former presidential candidate Tim Scott (R-SC) has led some of his cohorts in sending a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland to share their worries about Chinese influence in the American education system.

Scott's Budget Bill Makes the 2023 'No Brainers' List—By The Floridian's Jackson Bakich

President Donald Trump
President Donald Trump

Florida Republican Supports Outlawing Citizen’s Arrests—By The Floridian's Mateo Guillamont

Taylor Swift Attended the Show Raising Money for Gaza—By The Floridian's Grayson Bakich—∏Whatever one thinks about the opinions of celebrities, people listen to them. Pop star Taylor Swift was recently spotted attending a comedy show whose proceeds would go to Gaza for humanitarian relief, which could very well build into controversy.

Waltz to Join Politically Charged House Oversight Committee—By The Floridian's Jackson Bakich

Trump Surges Against Biden in new Polls—By The Floridian's Jackson Bakich—Representative Mike Waltz (R-FL) recently announced that he will be joining the House Oversight Committee. The Republican-led committee is in the process of investigating President Joe Biden (D) and the alleged criminal exploits of his family.

Gimenez Suggests America, Fauci Involved in COVID Lab Leak—By The Floridian's Grayson Bakich—Is the world beginning to accept that COVID-19 most likely came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology...

Trump Beats Biden in Head to Head Polls Before Iowa Caucus—By The Floridian's Jim McCool

Donalds Suggests Hunter Biden's Indictment is to Coverup Joe's Complicity—By The Floridian's Jim McCool—Could First Son Hunter Biden's recent indictments for tax crimes...

Salazar Attends President Milei’s Inauguration in Argentina—By The Floridian's Daniel Molina—Since Javier Milei was elected last month as Argentina’s next president, Florida lawmakers have touted his win as beneficial to the future of Argentina...

DeSantis-backed Florida Standard Blog Officially Shuts Down—By The Floridian's Javier Manjarres

Florida Lawmakers Embrace Milei’s Accession to the Argentine Presidency—By The Floridian's Mateo Guillamont

Casey DeSantis

Casey DeSantis Potential Frontrunner for Governor in 2026—By The Floridian's Javier Manjarres—With the Iowa Caucuses about a month away, and with former President Donald Trump leading the field of...

Top House Democrat Embraces CAIR Florida After it Condemned Israel and Praised Hamas on October 7—By The Floridian's Jackson Bakich—Representative Darren Soto (D-FL) continues to receive political pushback...

Scott Moves to Outlaw Investing Taxpayer Dollars into Chinese-Made COVID-19 Tests—By The Floridian's Mateo Guillamont

Moskowitz Calls for Ivy League University Presidents to Resign Over Questionable Jewish Genocide Remarks—By The Floridian's Grayson Bakich—During a House Oversight Committee hearing involving presidents of some of the top Ivy League schools in the country...

Gimenez Reacts to New 'Biden Family Criminal Enterprise' Indictments—By The Floridian's Grayson Bakich—

Castor Demands Meta Answer for Allowing Child Sex Abuse Material to be Posted—By The Floridian's Grayson Bakich—Is Meta (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger) profiting from algorithms allowing pedophiles...

Rubio Introduces Bill to Protect Education from Foreign Influence—By The Floridian's Grayson Bakich—Educational institutes are a prime target in China's attempts to subvert the United States, not...

Salazar's Resolution Recognizes Machado as Venezuelan President—By The Floridian's Daniel Molina

Florida Sees Highest Population Growth Ever in 2023—By The Floridian's Jim McCool—Florida gained one vote in the electoral college for the upcoming 2024 election, but this metric does not capture the magnitude of migration to Florida. Experts say Florida has experienced its largest population growth ever this year.

Fallout From Ivy League Presidents' Congressional Testimony Continues—By The Floridian's Mateo Guillamont—Just in case widespread hateful anti-Semitic college demonstrations were not enough, top Ivy league University Presidents gave Congress even more reasons to take action this week.

Mast Praises Bill Protecting Gas Cars, Blasts Biden for Lack of Historic Knowledge—By The Floridian's Jackson Bakich—Congressman Brian Mast (R-FL) is celebrating the passage of the Choice in Automobile Retail Sales (CARS) Act in the House of Representatives.

Gaetz Seeks Retribution For 2019 Saudi Arabia Shootings—By The Floridian's Mateo Guillamont—On the four year anniversary of the deadly Pensacola Naval Air Base (NAS) terrorist attack, US Representative Matt Gaetz (R-Fl) has filed a bill aimed at holding Saudi Arabia accountable.

Cavalry Strategies


Rubio Issues Statement Condemning Maduro's 'Bogus Warrants' Against Political Opponents —By The Floridian's Jackson Bakich—Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and some of his colleagues in the upper chamber released a bipartisan statement condemning Venezuelan President and dictator Nicolas Maduro.

Scott Blasts Schumer: 'Doesn't Care About Israel, Our Border'—By The Floridian's Grayson Bakich

DeSantis Shines During Latest Debate but Exposed a Major Weakness he may Have—By The Floridian's Javier Manjarres—Gov. Ron DeSantis, who is arguably the most well-known and successful governor in America...

Miami Lawmakers Push for Mangrove Conservation Legislation for Third Consecutive Term—By The Floridian's Mateo Guillamont

Biden Administration Says Economic Sanctions on Venezuela are 'Not Advancing the Situation'—By The Floridian's Jackson Bakich—Brian Nichols, Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs from the U.S. State Department, said this week at an Atlantic Council...

DeSantis and Haley Face Heated Exchange in Debate—By The Floridian's Daniel Molina—The Republican presidential candidates verbally sparred in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, attempting to stand out one last time before voters take the polls.

Frost Introduces Bill to Combat DeSantis's 'Book Bans'—By The Floridian's Jackson Bakich—Freshman Congressman Maxwell Alejandro Frost (D-FL)...

Castor Introduces Bill to Impose Fees on 'High-Carbon Imports'—By The Floridian's Jackson Bakich—Representative Kathy Castor (D-FL) has introduced legislation to “make American companies more competitive”

The JUICE is squeezed by Javier Manjarres, Jim McCool, and Daniel Molina

Rene Garcia
Rene Garcia

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