Florida Lawmakers Embrace Milei’s Accession to the Argentine Presidency

Florida Lawmakers Embrace Milei’s Accession to the Argentine Presidency

Mateo Guillamont
Mateo Guillamont
December 11, 2023

Buenos Aires, Argentina- President Javier Gerardo Milei was sworn in as Argentina’s next president. 

Milei, whose political career began in Argentina’s Congress, is a conservative figure whose rise has taken the world by surprise. 

Yesterday’s inaugural speech centered on Milei’s plans to reshape Argentina’s fiscal policy. Milei inherited sky-high inflation, colossal debt, and record unemployment from the previous Socialist administration. 

An economics professor, Milei is known as a relentless advocate for laissez-faire economics, limited government, and conservative values

Florida conservatives have been supporting Milei since he emerged as the leading conservative candidate from the primaries. In late November, Milei won the Argentine elections by a comfortable Margin. 

Congresswoman Maria Elvira-Salazar (R-Fl) attended Milei’s inauguration ceremony and congratulated the Argentinian people. 

“Today they buried Socialism and they’ll reap the benefits of such a decision. God bless my Argentinian brothers!” said Representative Salazar. 

Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fl), while not in attendance, released a statement in support of Milei and suggested President Joe Biden foster stronger ties between the US and Argentina. 

“Milei won the presidency because he promised a decisive end to the poor fiscal policy of the progressive establishment,” explained Rubio. 

Furthermore, Senator Rubio highlighted the contrast between Milei and other Latin-American leaders regarding his pro-US attitude. 

Upon becoming President-elect, stated Rubio, “Milei prioritized an official visit to the US, in contrast with his Socialist predecessors.”

Senator Rick Scott (R-Fl) also congratulated Milei and emphasized his commitment to supporting Israel

“President Milei’s strong support for Israel is noticed in Latin America and around the world,” stated Senator Scott. 

Scott referred to Milei’s inaugural speech, where Milei underscored the Jewish people’s strength and faith. 


Milei has announced there is no alternative to drastic governmental policy changes, and has encouraged Argentines to prepare themselves. 

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Mateo Guillamont

Mateo Guillamont

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