Mom of Proud Boys Chair Sentenced to 22 Years Says Trump Has Not Reached Out

Mom of Proud Boys Chair Sentenced to 22 Years Says Trump Has Not Reached Out

Chris Nelson
Chris Nelson
September 15, 2023

The mother of former Proud Boys Chairman Enrique Tarrio says former President Donald Trump has not reached out to her.

"President Trump has not reached out to us," said Zuny Duarte-Tarrio in an exclusive interview with The Floridian. "We have gotten very little calls from the top politic (sic) platform. We are hoping that is going to change in the future, but no we have not been reached out to directly by any politician."

Enrique Tarrio, whose birth name is Henry, was sentenced to 22 years in Federal Prison for his role in the January 6, 2021 capitol riot despite not being in Washington, DC that day. Tarrio was protesting what Trump told his followers was a stolen election.

Duarte-Tarrio said the costs have been enormous for attorneys and also for the basic needs of her son in prison.

"Just the trial alone was hundreds of thousands of dollars and we expect the appeal to be the same," said Duarte-Tarrio. "There's traveling costs, there's legal costs, there's every single thing you can think of. We spent five months in DC with attorneys flying back and forth. All of that money was from our family and a couple of private donations. We had to come up with that money, our family did. And now we have to do it again for appeals. We refuse to allow the justice system to win this. There is no way we can allow this to happen to American citizens."

Neither Trump nor his people have helped her financially.

"All the financing has been done by our family completely and a couple of private donations. That has been about it," said Duarte-Tarrio.

When asked if it bothered her that Trump has not helped, she said she has not had the time to let it get to her.

"My goal here has been to work and make this happen and make the best possible legal team and legal process for Henry, so I haven't had time to analyze whether that bothers me or not," said Duarte-Tarrio. "We are going to get through this as a family, we are going to do it, and then we are going to deal and see who has really helped and who has not."

Duarte-Tarrio says an appeal has just been filed in her son's case, but that it will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In his last days in office, Trump could have issued a blanked pardon for non-violent January 6 defendants but chose not to. It was revealed in a recent documentary that Stop the Steal leader Roger Stone was allegedly furious with Trump for not issuing pardons.

"[Trump] has four more days of power. He can either let his supporters be thrown to the lions or he can save them. It's that simple," Stone told Danish filmmaker Christoffer Guldbransen. "There is no risk. He's leaving. There is no risk."

Stone has claimed videos of him from the documentary called "A Storm Foretold" have been digitally altered, but no evidence has been provided corroborating this claim.

But acccording to digital experts The Floridian spoke to regarding "Deep Fake" and AI generated audio and videos that are being circulated, there is very substantial evidence that much of the video being put out has been manipulated, selectively edited, and in some cases, an AI generated voice track has been added.

After seeing the quote from Stone, Duarte-Tarrio said she did not know that Trump could have offered a blanked pardon.

The case can be made that why would Trump issue a "blanked pardon" when it was not known who actually committed crimes during the Capitol riot.

Trump left office less than 3 weeks after the the riot, and very little was known about those who actually committed crimes, violent or not.

"I don't want to make excuses for Mr. Trump," said Duarte-Tarrio. "I really don't know if he could have done it. I know he had a lot on his plate. I had no idea that he probably could have done that a couple days before, but he didn't. So we are in this position right now."

Duarte-Tarrio said she has hope that both Governor Ron DeSantis or Trump will pardon her son if elected President. DeSantis has promised to begin issuing pardons on "Day One" of his presidency for American's targeted by the Justice Department.

Duarte-Tarrio says the only place people should go to to help her is

Watch the full interview here.

Publisher Javier Manjarres contributed to this story.

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Chris Nelson

Chris Nelson

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