Potential DeSantis Pardon Gives Hope to Mother of Enrique Tarrio

Potential DeSantis Pardon Gives Hope to Mother of Enrique Tarrio

Chris Nelson
Chris Nelson
September 8, 2023

Governor Ron DeSantis's promise to begin reviewing January 6 defendants cases on day one of his administration has given hope to the mother of Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio.

“Yes. It gives us hope," said Zuny Duarte Tarrio at a press conference in Miami yesterday. "It gives us hope that someone will look at this with a different set of eyes. And it gives us hope that an elected official is going to look at this. And yes we do have hope.”

Zuny Tarrio speaks at press conference in Miami.

"It's extremely hard to see in our country that this is going on," said Tarrio. "We have rapists murderers, human trafficking that get very few years of sentencing compared to the 22 years my son was sentenced for. We call all of our Congresspeople, all of our people in our country in politics. To look at this situation and understand that our country is on the wrong path."

Tarrio says she knows Enrique by his birth name of Henry Tarrio.

"On that day Henry [Enrique] Tarrio was not in Washington DC," said Tarrio. "He is accused of conspiracy. Not only is that bad enough, but they also had a terrorism enhancement. To call somebody that who has called his country the United States since he was born is very difficult, to be almost a traitor. It is simply unacceptable and we need to raise awareness of this to the whole community, to the whole country what is going on."

Tarrio, who described her son as a "political prisoner", said the trial and everything surrounding it has cost her family enormous expenses.

"This has caused so much pain to all the families. To our family it has cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenses and defense," said Tarrio. "We ask everyone to please analyze the situation for somebody that was not even in DC, without enough evidence in trial. Twenty-two years of a mans' life is on the line here."

Tarrio said anyone who wants to help her family can go to TarrioFamilyFund.org.

Enrique Tarrio, 38, was sentenced to twenty-two years in prison for his role in the January 6 demonstrations which DeSantis describes as a "protest that devolved into a riot."

DeSantis was asked about his thoughts on Tarrio on the Eric Bolling Show on Newsmax after the sentence came down. Bolling asked if DeSantis would pardon them as President. Previously, DeSantis has promised to begin pardons for those targeted by the DOJ on the "front end" of his administration.

"We will look at all those cases. There are some examples of people who should not have been prosecuted. If they had been BLM they would not have been prosecuted," said DeSantis." To say it's an act of terrorism when it was basically a protest that devolved into a riot. To do excessive sentences. Maybe they were guilty, but twenty-two years if other people that did other things got six months? I think we need a single standard of justice so we will use pardons and commutations as appropriate to make sure everyone is treated equally. As we know. Many people with the BLM riots, they didn't get prosecuted at all."

Tarrio said she previously did not realize the disparity between sentencing of BLM rioters and January 6 rioters.

"I remember going to Ohio and seeing everything boarded up because [BLM rioters] had destroyed the city," said Tarrio. "I don't remember seeing any twenty-two year sentencing for anybody doing that destruction to our cities and for terrorizing our cities. The Proud Boys I don't think have ever terrorized. By the contrary I think they were there to help some people in a lot of instances."

President Trump has also promised pardons if he is elected President.

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Chris Nelson

Chris Nelson

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