Judge in Trump Federal Case Accused of Being Biased, Openly Supported Black Lives Matter Riots

Judge in Trump Federal Case Accused of Being Biased, Openly Supported Black Lives Matter Riots

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
August 18, 2023

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz (R), one of former President Donald Trump’s most loyal supporters and advocates, has introduced a resolution in the House of Representatives to “censure and condemn” the judge who is presiding over the former president’s case in Washington, D.C., Judge Tanya Chutkan.

Rep. Gaetz asserts the allegation that Judge Chutkan, who was appointed to eh U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, has openly displayed instances of partisanship while presiding over federal cases, including expressing support for the “Black Lives Matter riots of 2020.”

According to a press release by Gaetz’s legislative office, the popular “Firebrand” lawmaker also accuses Judge Chutkan of handing down tougher sentences to defendants in the criminal cases stemming from the January 6th Capitol riot.

“It is deeply concerning that a United States District Court judge would exhibit such blatant political bias from the bench. Judge Tanya Chutkan’s extreme sentencing of January 6th defendants, while openly supporting the violent Black Lives Matter riots of 2020, showcases a complete disregard for her duty of impartiality and the rule of law. Justice may be blind, but the American people are not – we see Judge Chutkan for her actions, and we rebuke them in the greatest possible sense,” stated Rep. Gaetz

Gaetz, who is expected to travel to the first 2024 Republican presidential debate in Milwaukee in support of President Trump, filed his resolution days after a Fulton County, Georgia state attorney file state criminal charges against President Trump and 18 former attorney’s and staffers.

To date, Trump has been served with four indictments.

Judge Chutkan is not the only individual involved in the Trump case (s) that Gaetz has called out.

“The work of Special Counsel Jack Smith is both highly irregular and of extraordinary public concern. Indeed, it is of such concern that the Department of Justice has fielded multiple requests of Congress, from individual member offices and full Committees,” stated Rep. Gaetz.

About the partisanship of some of the deputies to Special Counsel Smith, Gaetz called his request “entirely appropriate.”

“While there are innumerable valid legislative purposes for this request, it should be obvious that doing due diligence in vetting an office that has apparently done no vetting of its own personnel, or worse, might affirmatively be seeking to staff with sanctioned lawyers and partisan hatchet-men (and women), is an entirely appropriate purpose and one small reason I am requesting this information,” stated Gaetz.

He would continue to pounce on prior actions of those investigating President Trump as a reason for caution and distrust regarding this inquiry.

“Finally, it is a matter of public record now that at least 27 devices used in the Mueller probe were unlawfully wiped clean of records, often by senior prosecutors on that probe, including Andrew Weismann and Greg Andres, or by more junior staff, such as Kyle Freeny and Rush Atkinson. I am deeply concerned that such flagrantly illegal, and debarrable conduct, seeking to cover up prosecutorial misconduct, will be repeated by Special Counsel Jack Smith and his team,” Gaetz stated.

Alongside Rep. Byron Donalds (R) and several others who have endorsed Trump, will take part in the Republican National Committee (RNC) pre-debate meetings and panels that are schedule for August 23.

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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