Trump Skips Iowa Family Summit Where Reynolds Signs Heartbeat Bill

Trump Skips Iowa Family Summit Where Reynolds Signs Heartbeat Bill

Chris Nelson
Chris Nelson
July 14, 2023

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed a Heartbeat Bill at the Family Leader Summit today in Iowa where 2024 Republican Presidential candidates spoke. The bill is similar to the one signed by Governor Ron DeSantis in Florida this past April. The summit is arguably the largest evangelical political event in Iowa this year as Gov. DeSantis is poised to face off against former President Donald Trump and others for the Republican presidential nomination.

The event is being moderated by Tucker Carlson and hosted by Bob Vander Plaats.

Vander Plaats, CEO of the Family Leader and political mover and shaker within the Iowa evangelical community, tweeted earlier this week that Trump told him he was not going to attend. "I learned last night that @realDonaldTrump will NOT attend our Leadership Summit this Friday," tweeted Vander Platts.

It was later reported by New York Times reporter Jonathan Swan that Trump offered to have JD Vance attend in his place but Vander Plaats said no.

"Per source with direct knowledge: Team Trump reached out to Bob Vander Plaats earlier today and requested to send Senator JD Vance to Friday's event as a surrogate for Trump. Vander Plaats denied the request," Tweeted Swan.

In response to Vander Plaats tweet, Trump  social media influencer Laura Loomer asked why Trump would bother with his "stupid ass forum". Loomer accused Vander Plaats of being biased against Trump and called him a "Never Trumper" and a "DeSimp."  Much like DeSantis supporters call MAGA supporters of Trump "a Cult" or "Cultists," DeSimp is a term used by MAGA influencers to demean people who support Ron DeSantis or act in a complementary way toward him.

Trump came under fire for attacking Reynolds on Truth Social who has not endorsed a candidate yet, taking credit for Reynolds' election and vowing to not invite her to his events due to her neutrality.

"I opened up the Governor position for Kim Reynolds & when she fell behind I ENDORSED her, did big rallies and she won. Now she wants to remain 'NEUTRAL' I don't invite her to events! DeSanctus down 45 points!"

Vander Plaats responded to Trump saying he would not call anyone stupid, but that Trump's decision to attack Reynolds "isn't smart" and Iowa is "wide open".

The situation was augmented when Iowa State Senator Jeff Reichman switched his endorsement from Donald Trump to Ron DeSantis after Trump's outburst against Reynolds. Trump spokesman Steven Cheung suggested a financial incentive for Reichman's switch, which the Senator denied.

As the bill was being signed by Reynolds, Glenn Beck made the curious decision of brining failed Arizona Republican candidate Kari Lake on the panel who has become another overnight critic of Governor Ron DeSantis. Lake has pledged her loyalty to Trump, who did not show up to the event today.

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Chris Nelson

Chris Nelson

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