Haley Invokes ‘Faith, Family, & Community’ in op-ed

Haley Invokes ‘Faith, Family, & Community’ in op-ed

“People are worried the next generation will be worse off, that America is in decline.”

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
July 17, 2023

In the second quarter of fundraising, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley (R) pulled in about $5.3 million in campaign donations. Though she’s not dominating the polls, Haley maintains that her campaign is committed to clinching the Republican nomination. In a new op-ed, Haley recounted her travel in the North Country, noting that “faith, family, & community” are values the whole U.S. shares.

In her op-ed, she mentioned her upbringing in Bamberg, South Carolina. Growing up in a small town is something that left an impression, and she sought to represent small towns because they represent “the best of this country.”

Similar to where she grew up, “the North Country is the kind of place that most people overlook and undervalue” she reflected, adding that “it’s off the beaten path, so candidates almost never go there.”

In an effort to be more cognizant of represented the entire United States as president, she affirmed that “the great people who live there want a leader in Washington who will fight for them.”

Speaking of her campaign in New Hampshire, Haley detailed the numerous concerns that the citizens have, citing that the problems they’re facing are the ones that Americans are facing throughout the country.

“Despite Joe Biden’s insistence that ‘Bidenomics is working,” she claimed, “inflation is still strangling family budgets. And parents who’ve sacrificed day after day wonder what kind of future their children will have.”

Simply put, “people are worried the next generation will be worse off, that America is in decline.”

From pressing matters regarding fentanyl and the growing threat of both Russia and China, Haley argued that “they see the Biden administration and so-called progressives destroying America from within.”

Her message to the North Country is that “America will survive,” and she says that it will do so through her campaign vowing “to restore respect for the principles and practices that define places like North Conway, New Hampshire, and Bamberg, South Carolina.”

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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