Haley Trashes 'Bidenomic' in Fox News Interview

Haley Trashes 'Bidenomic' in Fox News Interview

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
July 8, 2023

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley (R) has announced that she has qualified to be on the debate stage in August. Though she has directed covert jabs at President Donald Trump (R), the majority of her criticism has been directed at President Joe Biden (D). In a string of Fox News interviews, Haley continues her criticism of the Biden Administration, trashing "Bidenomics" in the process.

In reference to "Bidenomics," the presidential hopeful argues that Biden is trying to fool people with it, but "he can't fool the American people."

She went on to explain that "inflation has doubled since Biden took office," and this has led to a number of financial concerns. "60% of Americans are in credit card debt. You've got 1 in 6 American families that can't pay their utility bill. He's spent 5 trillion dollars that has gotten us to a 30 trillion dollar debt number," she added, warning that the Biden administration will continue to jeopardize the financial security of the American people.

In short, "there's nothing good about Bidenomics."

In another interview with Fox News, Haley affirmed that, on the debate stage, she will make her case to voters  as to why she should be the nominee to challenge the Biden-Harris ticket. However, she maintains that "a vote for President Biden is a vote for President Kamala Harris."

Citing that "anyone is better than President Kamala Harris," she expressed that Republicans need to understand that the upcoming election is meant to embolden Vice President Harris to take over for Biden. Biden's age has come into question since the start of campaign season, and Governor Haley has called on candidates to take competency tests given their age, which was seen as a slight dig at President Trump.

Haley concluded by calling on Republicans to "wake up and realize" who would be leading the country should the Biden-Harris ticket win.

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