House Republicans Demand Chinese Balloon be Shot Down

House Republicans Demand Chinese Balloon be Shot Down

Grayson Bakich
Grayson Bakich
February 4, 2023

The U.S. government has confirmed that there is a Chinese spy balloon hovering over U.S. airspace and a second balloon over Canada, and also heading towards Montana. Not only is this a blatant violation of American airspace, but the Biden administration does not seem to be taking action against it.

Republican lawmakers are immediately calling for the balloon to be shot down and chastising the administration for not doing so, while House Democrats have all but refrained from addressing the balloons.

Rep. Cory Mills compares the situation to the ongoing border crisis, saying that "the Biden administration not only allows for our southern borders to be open, but apparently our airspace is open to adversaries as well."

Similarly, Rep. Greg Steube, who has been home recovering from a fall, expresses a cynical lack of surprise, saying that the Biden's have "no motivation" to counter the apparent threat. "Hunter is paid off by the billions and the “Big Guy,” who took a cut, is corrupt & compromised. Is it shocking that nothing has been done by our Defense Dept.?" he adds.

Rep. Byron Donalds says that the balloon's projected course is towards "our nation's biggest population centers."

"It's already flown over some of the least densely-populated states in our nation with more in its path. Now DOD says it’s heading east towards our nation's biggest population centers. When will the admin take action? When will the admin take action?" stated Rep. Donalds. 

Rep. Carlos Gimenez postulates on whether or not Winston Churchill would have shot down German bombers flying over England, warning that China will be emboldened by the lack of response to the balloon. "Shoot this thing down — NOW!" he adds.

Likewise, Rep. Anna Paulina Luna simply says, "Chinese spy balloon! Shoot it down!" with the same footage.

Sen. Marco Rubio , who sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee, stated that a Chinese spy balloon appearing in US airspace is "not surprising" given the increasingly brazen espionage of China in recent years, adding that shooting it down was "a mistake" due to the fact that it has "a large payload of sensors" and can "maneuver independently."


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Grayson Bakich

Grayson Bakich

Florida born and raised, Grayson Bakich is a recent recipient of a Master’s Degree in Political Science at the University of Central Florida. His thesis examined recent trends in political polarization and how this leads into justification of violence.

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