Rick Scott Continues to Question Biden's Border Security Policies

Rick Scott Continues to Question Biden's Border Security Policies

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
January 21, 2023

Once again, Florida Senator Rick Scott (R) has brought into question President Joe Biden’s (D) handling of America’s border security. On January 19, 2023, Sen. Scott tweeted his thoughts on the matter with a link to his press conference.

The tweet states, “Do @JoeBiden & @SecMayorkas even care that their open borders and appeasement embolden evil regimes in Cuba, Venezuela & Nicaragua? I won't stop fighting & holding them accountable until we SECURE THE BORDER.”

Securing the border has been a hot topic, recently. That's not to say that the border hasn't been a priority for some time, but to say that it has been heavily harped upon over the past few years. The crisis on illegal immigration is at alarming levels and its been growing over the course of multiple presidencies. However, Republicans have been calling for stronger legislation on the issue.

This isn’t the first time Sen. Scott has questioned President Biden’s policies. Just last week, Scott displayed his ire at Biden’s attempts at diplomacy with Cuba.

In his 2022 joint statement with Florida Senator Marco Rubio he stated, “At the start of your presidency, your administration announced a foreign policy "that is centered on the defense of democracy and the protection of human rights."

"On December 9, 2022, you pledged to ‘continue holding accountable Cuban officials responsible for violence against peaceful protests.’ The American and Cuban people yearning for the respect of human rights on the island expects you to live up to these promises," said Sens. Scott and Rubio.

Furthermore, the same duo released a similar statement on January 19, 2023.

Biden has come under increasing scrutiny from Republicans as they continue to watch his every move. Scott and many others have vehemently disagreed with Biden’s foreign policies over the course of his presidency. It is currently unclear if, when, and how Biden will respond to Scott’s questions on border security.

As of right now, the President still has plans to meet with Cuba next week.

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

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