Florida House Republicans Open up About Ongoing Speaker Vote

Rosella Parra
Rosella Parra
January 5, 2023

After the House of Representatives failed to vote for a new Speaker,  Florida Republican Reps. Matt Gaetz, Anna Paulina Luna, and Byron Donalds, who all voted against US Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R- CA), have provided their commentary on the contentious issue.

All three representatives are concerned about the seventh vote taking place at noon, especially with additional representatives voting against McCarthy. 

Earlier this week, Rep. Gaetz (R- FL), who has questioned McCarthy and nominated Jim Jordan (R- OH),  recently stated, “We’re not trying to dictate terms. We represent our conversations. Kevin has no ideology. He’s a vessel through which lobbyists and special interests operate. My team are the people in Florida who sent me here to fight for them.” 

Additionally, Rep. Luna (R - FL) tweeted stuck to her convictions and dismissed the negativity directed at her for opposing McCarthy.

“I’m not going to get into the mudslinging of politics. Ignore nasty commentary about Speaker’s race. It’s noise. The American people deserve better. Lots of discussions I wish you all could see taking place. Today was a step forward," stated Rep. Luna.

Followed by Rep. Luna’s tweet about ignoring the Speaker’s race and how it’s all "noise," the congresswoman-to-be took issue with Cory Bush (D- MO)’s tweet chastizing Rep. Donalds.

"He is a prop," stated Rep. Bush.

 Rep. Luna also recently wrote what her position was and what Republicans want from a Speaker of the House.

In addition, Luna also asserted that racial slurs and comments do not represent a Speaker of the House or the American people. 

During an interview with CNN, Rep. Donalds did not make any racial commentary or slurs towards McCarthy or other representatives.

"My vote yesterday was basically to break a deadlock because we were deadlocked, and we were not getting anywhere. Right now, (McCarthy) doesn't have a pathway to get there. If that reemerges, yeah, I can be there, that's fine, but what's necessary now is that Republicans come together and find a way to elect a speaker," said Donalds.

Rep. Donalds encouraged Republicans to come together as one to elect a house speaker during the seventh vote today at noon. Followed by Rep. Luna’s tweet on how the events on Jan. 4 were a step forward. Today Jan. 5, 2023 Americans can move forward with a house speaker elected during the seventh vote.

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Rosella Parra

Rosella Parra

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