Mills Calls for Investigation into Biden Administration

Mills Calls for Investigation into Biden Administration

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
December 12, 2022

Since acquiring Twitter, Elon Musk has vowed to unearth the inner workings of Twitter. Republican lawmakers have long held a rivalry with networks like Twitter and Facebook, accusing the social media giants of unfairly treating conservatives and conservative views. Musk appears to be corroborating this.

In response, Florida Rep. Cory Mills (R) now joins a growing number of conservative lawmakers calling on the Department of Defense (DOJ) to investigate Twitter and its past collusion or political interactions with the Biden administration and 2020 presidential campaign.

Speaking to The Floridian, Rep. Mills said that he’s looking forward to the many investigations in the dealing of the Biden administration and House Democrats. Mills also voiced support for Florida Rep. Byron Donalds’ (R) argument that the Afghanistan withdrawal would be investigated by the House Oversight Committee.

Mills conducted the first investigation over land rescue of American citizens after the Biden administration’s controversial withdrawal from Afghanistan, but Mills maintains that there is a coverup that needs to be uncovered.

During an interview with Fox News, Mills affirmed that "we need to take action" against the Biden administration. Such action would be an investigation that has been supported by numerous other Republican lawmakers.

“We know we have all the information where conservatives are being censored,” Mills said, praising the work that Musk is doing with Twitter as a "free speech guy."

Similarly, Mills also criticized the Biden administration for its trade between Brittney Griner and "the Merchant of Death" Viktor Bout. Specifically, Mills questioned why Paul Whelan is "rotting in prison" for being accused of espionage.

While Mills beliees that Griner was wrongfully detained, he questions why the Biden administration has not made an effort to free Whelan.

"We should not have pulled out the Merchant of Death" in exchange for Griner, Mills warned, adding that the United States has set the precedence for dictators to follow in like manner of Putin, endangering the lives of Americans.

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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