Why DeSantis Shouldn't run for President

Why DeSantis Shouldn't run for President

Will DeSantis run against Trump anyway?

November 17, 2022

By Patrick Castronovo

If you remember when gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis was down a whopping 7-points in November of 2018 to Democrat Andrew Gillum, the rising new star in the Democrat party.

DeSantis at the time went to President Donald Trump and asked for his endorsement. Trump delivered and took him under his wing and rallied for the eventual governor of Florida.

In the end, Trump was able to drag Ron DeSantis across the finish line and squeak out a narrow victory of a little bit over 33,000 votes.

Ever since then many people have speculated that Trump felt like he never got the true respect and accolades from DeSantis after he won the governorship of Florida.

Trump has made it clear that he hasn't been happy with DeSantis, even calling the ‘Governor Ron “Sanctimonious” DeSantis.

Here's my opinion on why Ron should not run for president in 2024

First, if Governor Ron DeSantis decides to run for president a lot of people in Florida that voted for him will feel that he's too much of an opportunist and was never 100% truthful with them over his intentions to run for governor.

Second, in a Republican primary, Ron DeSantis has never faced an opponent like Trump. Trump has proven to be able to ridicule and embarrass you in ways that no other opponent can do on a debate stage.

Third, and here's the BIG one!

Let's say for argument's sake DeSantis pulls out a victory in the Republican primary.

We all know that President Trump is not going to take that lying down and just walk away into the sunset.

I guarantee you Trump will run as a 3rd party MAGA party candidate just in spite and millions of Trump's dedicated and faithful MAGA voters will not vote for DeSantis on a Republican ticket but will vote 3rd party.

My advice to my governor. Please, be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. Look at the scoreboard.

Patrick Castronovo is a long-time Conservative grassroots activist in Southeast Florida.

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