Illegal Immigrant Encounters at Southern Border Hit Record High

Illegal Immigrant Encounters at Southern Border Hit Record High

Biden's handling of southern border under fire once more

Grayson Bakich
Grayson Bakich
August 17, 2022

Although the recently-passed Inflation Reduction Act is currently a major topic, the border crisis is becoming one again as well. The Biden administration's efforts to undue President Trump's border policies are being felt, and Florida representatives are speaking out.

According to Fox, the total number of migrant encounters at the southern border is 2 million in a single fiscal year. Along with that, apprehensions number approximately 200,000 or more for the past four months. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) note that this is a new record.

Wednesday morning, Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL-19) calls the number "insane" and calls Biden's border policy "inhumane."

"More than 2 MILLION encounters at the border. This is insane. Young women and girls are getting raped, assaulted, and even killed due to Biden's inhumane border policies, not a peep from the media. The American people want law and order restored at our border immediately," his tweet reads.

Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL-25) states that the border crisis "endangers every American:"

"The crisis at our southern border endangers every American. According to CBP, there were 199,976 illegal border crossings in July– making it the 17th consecutive month under Biden’s watch that our southern border has had more than 150,000 illegal border crossings," Rep. Diaz says.

Similarly, a more alarming fact about the border problem is subject of a tweet by Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL), who notes that 66 terrorist suspects have been caught attempting to cross. Scott adds that "we have no idea how many got across undetected." Subsequently, he calls out President Biden and his "reckless disregard for the law."

"66 TERRORISTS caught trying to cross the border. We have no idea how many got across undetected. Biden’s reckless disregard for the law & failure to secure the border is putting American families in danger. @JoeBiden WAKE UP & SECURE THE BORDER NOW!" Scott demands in his tweet.
Grayson Bakich

Grayson Bakich

Florida born and raised, Grayson Bakich is a recent recipient of a Master’s Degree in Political Science at the University of Central Florida. His thesis examined recent trends in political polarization and how this leads into justification of violence.

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