Sabatini Lies About Trump, GOP Opponent Mills for Political Gain (VIDEO)

Sabatini Lies About Trump, GOP Opponent Mills for Political Gain (VIDEO)

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
June 13, 2022

The Republican congressional primary race in Florida’s 7th District between combat veteran Cory Mills and Rep. Anthony Sabatini has turned nasty.

Over the past several months, the tension between these two candidates has been boiling over with both men taking subtle, veiled jabs at one another at local Republican club events, but at the recent Volusia County Republican meeting, Rep. Sabatini felt it was time to call out Mills, even if it meant lying about his opponent.

Rep. Sabatini spoke briefly about his accomplishments and about being a veteran before going right after Mills, calling him a Republican in Name Only or “RINO” and “a fraud,” asserting that Mills did not have any ties to Florida and was never appointed to any position by former President Donald Trump.

“I'm running up against a “RINO” named Cory Mills who has never, never voted a day in Florida, has no connection to the state of Florida,” said Sabatini before accusing Mills of being “bought by Kevin McCarthy”

Sabatini then asserted that Mills lied about being appointed to the Trump administration, saying, “No, he's not Trump appointed.”

Before he called Mills “a fraud,” Sabatini then said that he asked former President Trump about Mills and the President responded, “I’ve never heard of that guy in my life.”

Sabatini, who recently called Senator Ted Cruz "a terrorist," received some praise after his address but was mostly booed for attacking Mills.

In analyzing the accusations Sabatini made in the video against Mills, the allegations Sabatini asserts about Mills are patently false.

The Allegations Against Mills:

“Never voted in the state of Florida”

“Has no connection to the state of Florida”

“Gave $50K to Kevin McCarthy who hates Donald Trump”

“He’s not Trump-appointed”


“Never voted in the state of Florida”

According to the Florida Division of Election, Mills registered to vote on 8 /4/2012 while attending the University of North Florida in Duval County but doesn’t appear to have voted then or shortly after.

Mills is currently registered to vote in Orange County, Florida, having registered on 3/23/2021.

In reviewing military and Department of Defense records, Mills was deployed and mostly-worked overseas between 2003-2016. Mills deployed to Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.


“Has no connection to the state of Florida” 

This allegations that Mills does not have any connection to Florida is obviously false.

According to the Florida Department of Transportation, Mills was issued a Florida Driver’s License on 10/03/96. We asked Mills to confirm this and he furnished his old license. (See below)

Public records also show that Mills was born in Auburndale, Florida on 7/13/80, and that his family still lives in Auburndale.

Mills’ business, PACEM Defense, is headquartered and manufactures munitions and trains military and law enforcement on a 2,000-acre facility in Perry, Florida.









“Gave $50K to Kevin McCarthy who hates Donald Trump”

Sabatini’s claim that Mills donated to Rep. Kevin McCarthy, who has been endorsed by President Trump,  is accurate, just not $50,000. Mills donated $5,600 to Rep. McCarthy in 2019, according the both Open Secrets and the Federal Election Commission (FEC).


“He’s not Trump-appointed”

Several months before the November 3, 2020 presidential election, then-President Donald Trump replaced members of the Department of Defense’s “Defense Business Board” with several of his most loyal supporters, Cory Lewandowski, David Bossi, and Mills. reported on the appointment.


Sabatini Speaking to Trump, Asking Him About Mills

According to a source within the Save America PAC, the conversation Sabatini said happened with President Trump, never happened.

In early October 2021, The Floridan first reported that former President Trump requested a meeting with Mills after the news broke that Mills and a team of former military special operators rescued an American family of four during President Joe Biden’s Afghanistan evacuation debacle.

The same source told The Floridian that Trump was taken back by Mills’ rescue mission to Afghanistan.

After the story published, Sabatini contacted The Floridian and said that he too would be meeting with Trump the following week. Sabatini did meet with Trump, but not for several weeks later, when he sat down his wife and Rep. Matt Gaetz and his wife, to meet with the President.

Mills is said to have traveled to Mar-a-Lago alone with one of the operators he conducted the rescue with, but had a one-on-one meeting with Trump.

Sabatini may have stepped up his attack against Mills because of Mills' recent campaign attacks where he calls Sabatini a  “RINO” for being the only Republican lawmaker to vote against Gov. Ron DeSantis’s “Freedom First” state budget, for being registered as a Democrat, and for calling himself a veteran.

The Floridian reported last December that Sabatini was registered as a Democrat and voted in the 2008 and 2012 Democratic Presidential Preference Primary (PPP)election, the primary election, and the general election, in both the 2008 and 2012 elections.

Mills has also brought into question why Sabatini, who is an infantry soldier in the Florida National Guard, has never deployed to any  war zone since joining the Guard, while his unit has deployed twice.

According to the (8) ribbons Sabatini still wears on his uniform as of December 2021, none of those ribbons reflect overseas deployments or are combat related.

The Ribbons: National Defense Service; Armed Forces Service;Army Service (Basic Training); Humanitarian Service; Army Achievement; FL National Guard -5 Years;Fl National Guard Active; Army Reserve Component

Anthony Sabatini
Anthony Sabatini- December 2021










Earlier this year, Mills mailed a political mailer calling Sabatini a “RINO.”

Mills’ mailer stems from a recent vote that Sabatini took in the Florida House of Representatives, where he stood alongside Progressive Democrat Anna Eskamani and 6 other House Progressives in voting against the aforementioned conservative House budget (HB 5001).

Sabatini said he voted against the budget (twice) because he didn’t want to see anymore taxpayer dollars go to fund “woke” universities and colleges.

“Just voted HELL NO on the Florida House budget. Why?  Because it gives RECORD FUNDING to the Marxist universities & colleges in Florida. No more arming leftists. DEFUND the Woke indoctrination centers & use the money to fund vocational education & middle class tax cuts 🇺🇸,” stated Sabatini.

While the budget did fund Florida’s university and college system, it also funded every many important projects and programs across the state, included veterans’ affairs and agriculture, to name a couple.

anthony sabatini

Mills’ mailer specifically stated that Sabatini voted against DeSantis’ budget that would have funded wounded veterans, and military families, and raised the salaries of Florida National Guardsman.

Gov. Ron DeSantis recently signed the budget and took a victory lap while doing so, saying, “We delivered for the people of Florida.”

With Florida’s primary election less than three months away, this primary race will get uglier than what it already is.

Sabatini and Mills are considered the frontrunners, but former Navy Seal Brady Duke, who recently garnered the endorsement of Rep. Dan Crenshaw, businessman Scott Sturgil, Robert “Rusty” Roberts, and former Debary vice Mayor Erika Benfield, are all still in the race.

The last day to qualify to be on the ballot is June 17th, so do not be surprised to see one or two of these candidates drop off before they have to cut the $10,440 check needed to qualify to be on the ballot. Mills has already qualified by petition.

Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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