Sabatini Labeled a 'RINO' for Voting With Florida Progressives

Sabatini Labeled a 'RINO' for Voting With Florida Progressives

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
March 11, 2022

Conservative Republican State Legislator Anthony Sabatini, who has famously called fellow Republicans in the Florida Legislature “RINOs” or Republicans in Name Only, for allegedly siding with Florida Democrats and not supporting legislative measures he supports, has now been targeted as a “RINO” by one of his congressional opponents.

The Floridian has received no less than 16 emails and texts from Republican legislators and voters within Volusia and Seminole counties about a “RINO ALERT” political mailing they received this past week.

As far as political mailers go, this one is timely and brilliant. Combat veteran Cory Mills, who recently rescued an American family from Afghanistan, put out the mailer attacking Rep. Sabatini accusing him of being a “RINO.”

Mills’ mailer stems from a recent vote that Sabatini took in the Florida House of Representatives, where he stood alongside Progressive Democrat Anna Eskamani and 6 other House Progressives in voting against a conservative House budget (HB 5001)

Sabatini was the sole Republican to side with Progressives.

anthony sabatini
anthony sabatini

“ONLY REPUBLICAN (Fmr Democrat) WHO VOTES WITH PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATS. @AnthonySabatini even votes with AOC backed @AnnaForFlorida, Then misses a dozen votes taxpayers pay him to attend,” tweeted Mills, adding, “ We don’t need more proxy or absentee voting by elected officials who fail to represent the people. We need real fighters who show up to work every time and the entire time.”

Mills put out another tweet that all but called Sabatini a “RINO.”

“The same legislator calling out “RINOs” just voted against Republican colleagues and voted with AOC backed ,” stated Mills

Sabatini’s reasoning for voting against the bill that funded farmers, veterans, and the environment were as follows:

“Just voted HELL NO on the Florida House budget. Why?  Because it gives RECORD FUNDING to the Marxist universities & colleges in Florida. No more arming leftists. DEFUND the Woke indoctrination centers & use the money to fund vocational education & middle class tax cuts 🇺🇸”

Mills and Sabatini are running in a contested Republican primary race in Florida’s 7th Congressional District, and it appears as if the gloves have come off.

In late February, Mills mailed out the first political mailing of the cycle, pushing his positions and touting his dozen congressional endorsements. (He now has 15 congressional endorsements)

In response to Mills’ mailer, Sabatini was pressed to send out his own mailer touting his 5 congressional endorsements and positions.

But just as Sabatini’s mailers started to hit, Mills’ “RINO” mailer hit, and all but compromised the Sabatini mailer.

Voters in the new 7th congressional district have paid attention, and several offered their opinions.

“My husband and I were supporting Sabatini because we thought he was a true conservative, but now that we see he will side with Progressives like Eskamani, our vote will go to Mills,” said “Sheila” from Longwood, Florida.

Another voter, this one from Oveido, Florida, said that Sabatini’s vote demonstrates that “he is the RINO” and is thankful for the mailing Mills put out.

“The nerve to call others ‘RINO’s’ when he is the RINO. He is no different than Liz Cheney or Adam Kinzinger,” said “Joe” from Oviedo.

Volusia County REC member “Samantha” said that she fell over laughing when she received the mailer, adding that several other Republicans called her in disbelief about the mailing.

“Thank you Mr. Mills for exposing this fraud,” said “Samantha,” adding, “We don’t need anymore Democrat-lite Republicans trying to convince us to vote for them.”

The Florida Legislature will be called in for a special session to address the redistricting in pass that Gov. Ron DeSantis and Republican lawmakers are currently in.

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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