JUICE — Florida Politics' Juicy Read — 6.2.2021 — Nikki Fried is Finally In — DeSantis 'State-Sponsored Bigotry' — Wasserman Schultz, Sprowls, Biden, Big Oil — More...

JUICE — Florida Politics' Juicy Read — 6.2.2021 — Nikki Fried is Finally In — DeSantis 'State-Sponsored Bigotry' — Wasserman Schultz, Sprowls, Biden, Big Oil — More...

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
June 2, 2021

Republicans Might Have Something to Say About Fried's Gubernatorial Announcement

AG Commissioner Nikki Fried is finally running for governor, so the table is set for a potentially epic Democratic primary showdown with Rep. Charlie Crist.

Of course, Florida Republicans had something to say about Fried’s announcement.

"Nikki Fried is a conspiracy-spouting lockdown zealot who has accomplished absolutely nothing while in office. Instead of working for the people of Florida, Fried spends her time pushing partisan lies on social media. Her claim to fame is wasting tax dollars to plaster her face on gas pumps and cash registers across Florida. Rather than seek a promotion, she should refund her taxpayer-funded salary to atone for the complete waste her tenure in office has been."- RPOF Executive Director Helen Aguirre Ferre READ MORE


But who or what made bigger news than Fried’s announcement?

Big Ron.

In what can’t be chalked up as a coincidence, Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the controversial Transgender athletes ban into law on the very first day of Gay Pride month, causing Democratic heads to explode all across the state. READ MORE

Because he did so, Gov. DeSantis was once again labeled a wait for it…wait for it…a bigot. READ MORE


Biden Comes Through for Big Oil

The Biden administration picked up where President Donald Trump left off and has extended an oil lease for several top U.S. oil producers in Venezuela. This is Big News for Big Oil. READ MORE



Rep. Val Demings @RepValDemings-I am ashamed of the cowardly bullies in our state who have made children into political targets for their own personal gain. I thought I’d seen everything in politics but demonizing actual children to further divide the people of Florida is as cynical as it gets.

Rep. Carlos G Smith @CarlosGSmith-Very proud of all of the trans leaders and allies who came together on short notice to speak out against and condemn @GovRonDeSantis for signing the trans sports ban into law. When trans kids are under attack, what does Orlando do? Stand up! Fight back!

Chris Sprowls @ChrisSprowls-Today Florida sends a clear signal that we will protect female athletes to showcase their skills on a level playing field. I’m thankful to @kayleeTuck2 and Sen. Stargel & applaud @GovRonDeSantis & Pres. @WiltonSimpson or ensuring the hard work of our female athletes is rewarded.

Joe Harding @josephbharding-The @NCAA is one of the most anti-women organizations that exist. They can hide behind their woke agenda all they want, but like I was taught by my parents.... Your actions speak louder than your words!

Senator Lori Berman @loriberman-Pride to me represents one of the most fundamental freedoms one can enjoy in this life: the freedom to be one’s self and love whomever, unapologetically.

Shevrin “Shev” Jones @ShevrinJones-On the first day of #Pride2021 @GovRonDeSantis signs the transgender athletic bill. Totally insensitive and insulting to the LGBTQ.


Joe biden
President Joe Biden
Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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