Rubio On Amazon's Worker Problem: 'Let Their Woke Leftist Friends Come To Their Rescue'

Rubio On Amazon's Worker Problem: 'Let Their Woke Leftist Friends Come To Their Rescue'

Cancel Culture continues in the U.S., Big Tech Amazon front and center

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
March 13, 2021

When Senator Marco Rubio penned a scathing op-ed in the USA Today against Amazon for waging “a war against working-class values” and for using “anticompetitive strategies to crush small business,” he didn't think purist “Conservatives” in the Republican Party would use his opinion against him, and have now reverted to saying that Rubio was now pro-Union.

Amazon has been pushing back against their workers unionizing.

Rubio's op-ed states:

For the past several years, Amazon has waged a war against working-class values. The Silicon Valley titan uses anticompetitive strategies to crush small businesses, bans conservative books and blocks traditional charities from participating in its AmazonSmile program. Not surprisingly, it has also bowed to China’s censorship demands.

Here’s my standard: When the conflict is between working Americans and a company whose leadership has decided to wage culture war against working-class values, the choice is easy — I support the workers. And that’s why I stand with those at Amazon’s Bessemer warehouse today.

Uniquely malicious corporate behavior like Amazon’s justifies a more adversarial approach to labor relations. It is no fault of Amazon’s workers if they feel the only option available to protect themselves against bad faith is to form a union. Today it might be workplace conditions, but tomorrow it might be a requirement that the workers embrace management’s latest “woke” human resources fad.

Republicans have historically been anti-Union because of the influence these organized worker groups have projected, influence they have used to stifle business practices, large and small.

In response to the claims that Sen. Rubio was not a newly-minted member of his local Teamsters union, Rubio took a swipe at the “woke” culture that has looked to demonize individuals and organizations it deems are not aware of their social and political agenda.

Rubio told The Floridian, “Why should I defend Amazon?”  He added, “Let their woke leftist friends come to their rescue.”

Like many other social media companies, Amazon does not appear to be a friend to Conservatives or Republicans, so Rubio’s remarks against the web giant could be considered warranted.

Amazon has banned:

  • Books that question transgenderism
  • It banned the Conservative Parler app
  • Catholic Family News, Catholic Family Ministries, the Federation for American Immigration Reform, the American Family Association, the Family Research Council, the Jewish Defense League, and Dr. Ben Carson

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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