Jessi Melton: Sex, Lies, and a DWI Arrest

Jessi Melton: Sex, Lies, and a DWI Arrest

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
July 23, 2020

Florida’s GOP primary race in District 22 has taken a turn for the worse, as Jessica Melton has now begun to hypocritically attack her opponents by accusing one of them of paying for press coverage and "defying social distancing restrictions."

This attack by Melton can widely be seen as a desperate move to deflect from her self-inflicted political missteps, including her numerous run-ins with law enforcement, her past DWI,  and her previous job as a "stripper." Melton has been trying to keep these issues under wraps and has even denied ever having been arrested when asked by former supporters.

Where do we begin?

Here is what her paid posting stated:

“She has been the target of attacks from opponents. Fran Flynn approached Jessi in close proximity on stage, defying social distancing restrictions during the Americans For Trump event held last week. Flynn does not have any financial data available on the Federal Election Commission (FEC). The tension stemmed from a claim that Flynn hired a blogger to author negative articles about Jessi. Flynn responded and admitted paying for advertising on the blog. The incident, caught on video, circulated throughout social media.

“Negative articles”

The stories in question are several of the factually-based stories we have posted about Melton’s blatant mistruths, lying about endorsements, support for anti-Semitic rantings, and propagating conspiracy theories.

Here are the stories:


Jessi Melton defies federal laws she herself wants to pass (Video)

DeSantis dismisses Jessi Melton’s claim he’s supporting her campaign

Jessi Melton to Deutch: Jewish-Americans are “Your People”

Trump is ‘all for masks’ while Jessi Melton pushes mask conspiracies

Jessi Melton caught spreading “Fake News” about being threatened

“Defying social distancing restrictions”-

Melton has been one of the loudest supporters against wearing masks. Several weeks ago, Melton defied police and broke a municipal ordinance law prohibiting anyone from going to the beach over the 4th of July weekend.

Here is an image of the event shortly before she addressed the 25 or so attendees. Notice she is not wearing a mask either.

“Paying for Advertising”-

As we mentioned, Melton paid for story placement. That is how we found this press release.

Melton lied to the Americans for Trump crowd,  calling the “blogger” an “extortionist” who “extorted” her and many others in Florida, suggesting that Fran Flynn paid for the postings about her. Because of this lie, Melton is now being personally slapped with a defamation suit, as is her campaign.

The altercation began when Melton refused to answer a question about her false claim that she received an endorsement from the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) and for her support of actor Mel Gibson after he called a Jewish actress an “oven-dogger.” Flynn then asked her about the false endorsement from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis that she had been promoting. READ MORE

Melton’s tweet in support of Gibson was covered as far as Israel. The Algemeiner and The Jerusalem Post picked up The Floridian’s reporting. Melton has yet to apologize for her misrepresentation of support and her support for Gibson. Her controversial tweet has since been taken down.

Money Raised

Melton attacks her opponents for alleging that she raised more money, stating that “Darlene Swaffar would be assumed to be in last place” and that the only thing saving her from being in last Fran Flynn for not having posted any money raised.

“$93,000, demonstrating her ability to connect with voters. This far surpasses her closet opponent. James "Jim" Pruden. Pruden reported $0 of fundraising in this quarter and only raised ~$32,000 in the several months after his initial candidate contribution. Darlene Swaffer would be assumed to be in last place, with only ~$12,000 raised. The only thing saving her from that fate, Fran Flynn. She has no financial data, putting her number at $0.  Melton is in first place, raising more in a single quarter than all of her opponents for the Republican primary.”

Melton’s money raised is what politico’s call "campaign smoke and mirrors." According to Melton, she only receives 25% of all monies donated via email. That means that 75% of the money donated to her campaign via her email fundraising is spent. This number and her expenses do not appear to reflect her FEC report. In looking closely at the report, expenses on her latest filing look curiously thin.

Melton’s opponent, Darlene Swaffer, has now released a video excoriating Melton for her past seemingly childish behavior, referencing The Floridian stories and a video that was posted of Melton skateboarding in Publix Supermarkets with her dog during the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

Melton wants Floridians to “live a little.”

Fran Flynn and Jim Pruden are also running against Melton.

Here is Swaffar’s video.


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Javier Manjarres

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