Charlie Crist, Posey Signs On To Keep America First in Space Bill

Charlie Crist, Posey Signs On To Keep America First in Space Bill

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
May 11, 2020

With the 59th anniversary of the first American human space flight of Alan Shepard piloting the Freedom 7 capsule during the Mercury program, Florida Reps. Bill Posey (R) and Charlie Crist (D) have introduced bipartisan legislation that would build on that important milestone, and help Keep America first in space.

The American Space Commerce Act (H.R. 6783), the legislation supports American leadership in space, and it will provide an incentive for American space firms to keep investing in America and launching from American soil.

Both lawmakers released statements discussing the matter, and both agreed that the United States needs to continue being the pioneer when it comes to space.

Rep. Posey commented that “our domestic space launch industry is in our national security interest and America is up against unfair trade practices from nations like China and Russia that heavily subsidize space launches.”

Moreover, he expressed that the “bill provides a powerful incentive for our space firms to keep investing to support America’s growing commercial space sector, further advancing our leadership in space and securing the ultimate military high ground for years to come.”

Echoing in his remarks, former Florida Governor Charlie Crist highlighted that “the U.S. aerospace industry plays a critical role in advancing our nation’s space exploration goals, national security posture, and global competitiveness.”

Crist expressed that, in working alongside rep. Posey, the bipartisan effort is meant “to strengthen American leadership in space.”

With the legislation, they look to “help shield the U.S. aerospace industry from unfair trade practices, promote our national security, and protect workers in communities across Florida and America.”

This also comes during a time when there is tension with China.

In a report sent to Congress of the U.S. – China Economic and Security Review Commission, the report informed that “China is taking steps to establish a commanding position in the commercial launch and satellite sectors relying in part on aggressive state-backed financing that foreign market driven companies cannot match.”

While we know that Rep. Posey is all about using part of the president's re-election slogan, we are pretty sure , Rep. Crist, the former Republican-turned-Democrat, will not be touting any part of Trump's slogan.

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Daniel Molina

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