Miami Republicans Seek Vote for DACA Solution
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Miami Republicans Seek Vote for DACA Solution


The race to finding a DACA solution continues as Representative Carlos Curbelo filed a petition requiring Congress to vote on a proposal by the name of “Queen of the Hill.” Said proposal calls for the majority of Congress to vote on a legislative solution for recipients of DACA who are currently in limbo after the White House and Congress weren’t able to come to an agreement in early 2018.

Curbelo commented on the situation by explaining that “Together we have taken this historic step to bring Congress as close to meaningful immigration reform as ever before. No matter what your immigration priorities are, this process that we have begun today and we hope will conclude successfully will give every member of the House the opportunity to bring his or her solution on this issue and it will give the House the opportunity to answer the president’s call to action.”

Representative Ileana Rohs-Lehtinen, not running for re-election, detailed that “Throughout my tenure in Congress, I have refused to sign discharge petitions when Republicans are in the majority because I consider them to be a political tool used by those in the minority. That is still my belief. However, this majority-driven petition will be my exception to that rule. For far too long, the House has refused to act to protect DREAMers. We can no longer sit with our arms crossed waiting for a ‘magic wand’ solution.”

Daniel Molina

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