Scott and Nelson Comment on Weakening oil Drilling Regulations

Scott and Nelson Comment on Weakening oil Drilling Regulations


After the Deepwater Horizon spill in 2010, the “well control rule” was devised. Next week, federal regulators will be proposing changes to said rule, citing that the Trump Administration can revise the rule to lessen the burden on offshore drillers while not compromising safety.

In response to the move, both Governor Rick Scott and Senator Nelson, also currently involved in a senate race, have issued comments sharing their thoughts on what this move would bring.

Governor Scott explained that “As the Florida Department of Environmental Protection clearly stated in January, we are firmly against these proposed changes. While I appreciate Secretary Zinke taking Florida off the table for offshore oil drilling, I remain concerned about the potential impact these changes could have on Florida’s environment. We will continue to work with the Department of the Interior on ways to ensure the protection of Florida’s coastline.”

Senator Nelson detailed that “This administration wants to turn a blind eye to history just to help their friends in the oil industry. We can’t let that happen. These rules were put in place to prevent another massive oil spill off our coasts. We can’t allow this new administration to take us backwards in time and, once again, expose Florida’s beautiful beaches and  tourism-based economy to such an unnecessary risk.”

In addition, Republican Representative Verne Buchanan added to the conversation, calling the move “reckless and unacceptable … Have we learned nothing from the worst environmental disaster in American history? These safeguards should remain in place.”

Daniel Molina

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